September 11, 2021

Stormy clouds over the Caucasus (Sasha Sak)

Stormy clouds over the Caucasus (Sasha Sak)

Good day walking on the Pastokov cliffs (Sasha Sak)

Good day hiking pastokov cliffs (Sasha Sak)

IMG Senior Guide Sasha Sak arrived this morning to let us know that the team had a great day hiking the Pastukhov cliffs. They left the huts earlier to give themselves enough time to get higher under their belts and cross the forecast weather. After climbing the cliffs, storm clouds began to form, bringing rain with them. Snow and lightning With daily work done, the team returned to the hut and is now ready to go to the summit if the weather permits.

The team is ready and will check the weather tonight. There is a forecast for it tonight and the team is predicting a possible pattern. This is not a problem because we have a possible schedule and the weather looks better for Monday.

The team also had a party to enter the camp. The infamous red fox who, according to Sasha, is smart enough to prepare good food if released! You never know who you might encounter on Mount Elbrus!

Red Fox (Hardman Team)
Red Fox on Elbrus (Hardman Team)


Everything is fine in Russia!

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