Here are some aerial photos (June 22, 2021) from the south side of the mountain. The mountain was slightly refreshed by the June hurricane cycles earlier this month, but the recent heat has melted at about the same rate as the snow. Many of the trails are still hanging there, but as the snow decreases, many of the trails have an unsafe amount of rockfall and are “closed” for the summer. Be sure to remember your extra dark sunglasses at this time of year!

Top view of Emmons Refrigerator – “Corridor” visible on the right side of the image.

The cathedral cliffs are at the center of this image, Cleaver is the cliff ridge frustration at the top right of the image – note that at least 50 snows are still covered in snow.

Fuhrer Finger is a feature of a wavy hourglass in the middle of the image, just to the left of Nisqually Ice Fall. Notice the dirty and rocky part that has started to grow as the path melts.

The icy fields of the Kaoutz Glacier are in the front and center of this image. Not too melted yet!

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