The weekend is amazing and ideal for mountaineering. Dave has gone to Ben Nevis with Charmin to help him prepare for a trip to the Alps in the summer.

On the first day, the team headed to the Ridge Tower for Charming’s first ascent to Ben Nevis and the first north-facing views. The Ridge Tower was relatively quiet with three RAF MRT teams, which the team passed through, had lunch, and re-emerged from the chimney after the Eastern Traverse. The team ended the day by walking around the summit and descending the tourist route.

Day 2 was the goal of climbing Ridge Castle and descending Ledge, and it was a wonderful day, with no one else in the castle and another team sunbathing on Ledge.

For those looking to climb Ben Nevis, we offer guided climbing for both climbers and hikers:
Ridge Tower Guide Climbs, Which is پ 250 based on 1: 1 and 20 20 extra for the second person.
The guide walks up to Ben Nevis, Which is پ 220 based on 1: 1 and an extra 20 20 per additional person.

We also offer Private guide For other routes from Ben Nevis and the rest of the Scottish Highlands.

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