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June 1Street, 2017, Salt Lake City, Utah – The Salt Lake Mountaineers Association (SLCA), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and the Access Fund announce the signing of an unprecedented 140-acre lease on the Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC). Known as the Gate Buttress, it is about a mile from the LCC Valley and has been popular with generations of climbers for its first-class granite.

The agreement guarantees legitimate access to approximately 588 routes and 138 bouldersProblems with the gate button for climbers, who will be the active stewards of the property. This
The lease is the result of years of negotiations between LDS church leaders
And the local mountaineering community.

The signing ceremony of the lease is held in memory of this historic event that coincides with itNational Walking Day Media are invited to join us.

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What: Lease signing ceremony to climb to access the Gate Buttress in Little

Cottonwood Valley.

The World Health Organization: Scott Trotter, Archbishop of the LDS Church, and Julia Geisler, Executive Director
From the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance. Safeguards, Chip Powell and
Lindsay Anderson will be in charge of the environment
Volunteers on site

When: Saturday, June 3rd, 9 p.m.

WhereGate Butters Parking, one mile above Cottonwood Valley. (Will be marked
Mark the site now)

The rental area can be found in the featured area here

T.He founded the first LCC ascent in 1961 by the former Salt Lake City
Mayor, Ted Wilson and Bob Statet. During those years, Wilson worked with Rick Reese and Allen
Sanderson, and other local climbers, contact the LDS Church for reassuranceRecreational people, mostly climbers, have access to the Gate Buttress package. However, no
So far, a formal agreement has been reached to allow the climb and land improvement. This
Rent is the evolution of this relationship.

“The LDS Church has always had access to climbers when it comes to climbing,” he says.
Wilson “Church, Salt Lake Mountaineers Association and Access Fund now, by agreement,
Take this relationship to a whole new level. Because of the agreement, there will be a valley
Environmental improvements are needed to continue developing a highly open entertainment site
To individuals and families. “

“Agreements like this lease are to the benefit of climbers and landowners,” says the Access Fund.
CEO Brady Robinson. With teamwork, Access Fund and SLCA can
Sustainable partnership with the LDS Church. “

The SLCA and the Access Fund are preparing a stewardship program that includes climbing
Improve area, reduce erosion and more. This will be repeated by the administrator
Successful SLCA Leads Efforts in Hiking and Mountaineering Down Little Cottonwood
Access to the trail network In addition to hosting mountaineering, this property is also part of the Salt Lake
An urban watershed system that provides drinking water to more than 400,000 Salt Lake County counties

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“The Gate Button is a world-class mountaineering resource that is close and dear to many climbers.”

“Both here at Wasatch and across the country,” says Julia, SLCA CEO.
Geisler The mountaineering community is deeply committed to caring for the environment
Property. This lease not only guarantees access to the property, but also allows
The community has better management in the places we like to play. SLCA actively plans
It will begin in 2018 to improve the recreational infrastructure, including area work and staging
Which reduces erosion and effects on the Salt Lake City catchment area. “

Stay with us For voluntary environmental stewardship opportunities in
Adopt a Crag SLCA events will also be responsible for recreational funding
The infrastructure will include the Gate Buttress package and fundraising programs
Encouragement to attend, including one on June 8thSeventh In black diamond equipment. To purchase a ticket, visit
Photo: Nathan Smith

About the Salt Lake Mountaineers Union

There is a Salt Lake Mountaineers Association (SLCA) to provide a unified voice for mountaineers in the area.
Washington through stewardship, advocacy, community and education. SLCA is owned by Utah
Leading voice for climbing access and supervision: Uniting, educating and inspiring climbers
All disciplines to serve your local mountaineering community since 2002.
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About LDS Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a universal faith with nearly 16 million members
Around the World. The teachings of the church include the belief that we have a duty to work with it
Others watch over God’s creations. For more information, visit our page at Environmental

About the Inbox

The Access Fund is a national protection organization that keeps climbing areas open
Maintains the Climbing Environment The Access Fund, established in 1991, supports and represents
Millions of climbers across the country on all types of climbing: rock climbing, ice climbing,
Mountaineering and Slate Six major programs support national and local missions
Levels: Climb management policy, supervision and protection, local support and
Mobilization, land acquisition and protection, risk management and protection of landowners, and

education. See for more information accessfund.orgto the


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