Photo: Dirtbag Dreams blog post

Outward Bound guide Zack McGill recently took the opportunity to explore it Crampon Grivel G10 While leading teams on some Alaskan glaciers. G10 is one of the classic Grivel cramps designed for different mountaineers. The crampons are fully adjustable and very suitable for use in guide services and have an active bulletproof Grivel system that removes snow and ice from the bottom of the foot.

In his review, Zack says “tHey it worked well on everything from the dry fridge, the frozen sun snow and the afternoon mashed potatoes. “He will add later.”The bulletproof plates were clutch and had one of the best features in itG10They got rid of so much unwanted snow that I did not even notice the combat bus that others were riding on until people shouted “I stand up” so that they could angrily hit their heels with icy axes. “

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