North West:

“On September 28, the British Columbia Supreme Court ruling effectively removed police forces from the front lines of the siege of Fairy Creek, a 14-month act of civil disobedience to protect old-fashioned growth. Southwest Vancouver’s court rejected a request by Teal Jones Ltd. to extend the arrest warrant for interfering protesters. “It has arrested 1,100 people and is the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history.” click hereto the

Southwest Desert:

Wilson Mountain in the Red Rock Canyon Protected Area.
-Cashbox works to save Arizona oak apartment. “Right now, Congress is negotiating large-scale investment in public land through the budget reconciliation process – and the areas of ascent are being balanced. How Congress will eventually proceed depends on what happens in the coming days. “You hear it.” To take action,click hereto the

Notes from everywhere:

–Huffpost reports that “Tracy Stone Manning was ousted by the FBI on Thursday after a controversial approval process in which Republicans and conservative media labeled her a ‘terrorist ecotourist’ and a ‘violent extremist.’ Approved for the Spike Incident in the late 1980s Stone Aston Manning, National Wildlife Federation Conservation Policy Advisor and former Montana Democrat Assistant, the first approved director since Neil Corners’s presidency in President Barack Obama. “He will be charged with overseeing 245 million acres of federal land – more than 10% of the total land area of ​​the United States and 700 million acres of underground mining.” For further reading, click hereto the
–The Outside Business Journal reports that Maryland will have an outdoor leisure office. “Last Friday, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan announced the creation of an office in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). He also announced that J. Daryl Anthony will serve as its chief executive.” For further reading, click hereto the
“Three men are facing federal charges three years after they were seen watching live bears feeding bears in Alaska’s Katama National Park and the Brooks River,” the federal prosecutor said. For further reading, click hereto the
A couple and their dog were attacked by a bear in North Carolina. From the backpack: “On September 29, a couple were having a picnic near the Folk Arts Center along the Achilles in Blue Ridge Parkway when their abandoned dog started barking at the black bear and ran towards it. “In response, the bear attacked the dog and the couple a few minutes later, causing minor injuries. Eventually, the couple and their pet were able to escape to the safety of their car,” officials said. More , click hereto the
–The Canadian ski slopes seem to need vaccinations for both staff and guests in the ski area. For further reading, click hereto the
“Ice melting in Norway shows an incredibly well-preserved pair of skis that has been intact for about 1,300 years. Archaeologists who made the discovery believe they may be the best,” Eiffel Science reports. A pair of skis from prehistoric times have been discovered. click hereto the

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