I feel that autumn is approaching on Mount Rainier. Moir Snowfield is visible late in the season with lots of glacial ice, rocks and even cracks. Let’s get ready for a more challenging climb to Camp Muir, with sturdy boots, cramps or spikes, and you are expected to move on some cracked ground.

Camp Muir has been relatively quiet, although guidance services are still clearing customers in a disappointing way, and some independent parties are still successfully climbing the peak. Stay tuned for more challenging trail conditions and an increased risk of rock falls, especially through Bowling Alley and on Cleaver itself.

Please remember to be self-sufficient as there are fewer climbers on this route than usual. Also remember to collect all garbage from the mountain, including Camp Muir. There is no trash can in Camp Muir! Camp Muir Public Shelter is still closed, so bring a shelter if you spend the night. Make sure you have the right tent anchor systems for snow. Tent wood made for soil is not suitable for camping on Mount Rainier!

Come and enjoy the relaxing and late season in the mountains!

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