We take a look at Scarpa Mountaineering Shoe Renovation and Sustainable Renovation Service.

The review was originally scheduled to be sent by Dave just in time for the outbreak, but was scrapped when Scarpa stopped accepting Scarpa. Fortunately, everything is back to normal, but keep in mind that the factory will practically close in August, so do not plan on sending that time. I will be turning off a pair of winter boots (Mt Blanc Pros) soon, so we will update the review with them as well.

I begin this review with a story: In the past, I combined hiking boots with different results. I also decided to be more sustainable in 2020 and decided that Scarpa Vapor V shoes need a little love. So I packed them and sent them to a mountaineering shoe board along with my payment details. A month passed, then after 5 weeks I decided to call them because I had not heard anything from them. So I sent an email asking if a) they have received my shoes and b) if they can let me know when I can get them back. After a day or so, I received a reply saying yes they took my shoes (b) and b) the current waiting time was 13 weeks. Yes, that’s right – 13 weeks! I’m sure you can guess my answer – please bring them back. Which they did right

Just like new!

I happened to meet a representative of Scarpa and my mountaineering gym and I was talking when he mentioned Scarpa shoe refurbishment services for Scarpa rock climbing shoes. This service is also available for many other Scarpa shoes and boots. I decided to ask if they would repair my trusted Vapor V and Maestro shoes. I can end this review here and say that they were really great – almost like new, but I thought you wanted more details on the process.

Scarpa has made bold statements, saying that they fully promote and are committed to the idea that you have to refresh your shoes over and over again, instead of throwing them away and buying a new one every two seasons. . If you think about it, it really makes sense – it’s very rare for the top to break. Maybe if you are a hardcore climber or your local rock is very uneven, the upper parts may split, but for most of us it is only the rand that disappears. If you get them at the right time, a traditional shoe can extend the life of your shoe for another season or two.


I used to use the Resol service, but usually for “comfortable” shoes that I used for work or climbing walls and maybe bouldering circuits. But, never for performance shoes. The ones I always had new – the renovation service is completely changing. I am absolutely sure that these refurbished shoes will work well as a new pair. In fact, the outsoles on the Vapor V are very good and I have to wear them again! The same is true of Maestro shoes – they are back perfectly clean with a “brand new” shoe unit.

Next – on the return from Scarpa UK.

So let’s go through this process for UK and Irish customers. You can link directly to the Resole Service via a link at the end of the service scarpa.co.uk Webpage – This provides you with complete information about the service and a contact form. I recommend sending good quality photos of your repairs so that staff can decide if it is worth sending the shoes. Discount services are also available through Scarpa certified partners. You can find them on the mission service page via the link above.

There are several situations in which shoes can not be repaired – if the upper part dries (perhaps stored for a few years in low humidity) or the shoe material is completely covered (ie you can pull out your toes – enough) There will be no material to link a new rand at that point). With good enough photo attachments, you should get accurate answers from employees about whether or not they have been repaired. From there you send your shoes Scarpa in England You pay for the postage to Scarpa in the UK and they cover the cost of shipping to and from Italy. Also, several more modern, functional models such as Chimera, Furia, etc., which have soft and flexible insoles, need to be installed in rand, because it puts the shoe back in the direction of tension.

Maestro shoes had a completely new unit.

If you have another pair of shoes, you can keep spinning until your new shoes arrive in about 4 weeks. My order was extended over the Christmas holidays, so it was about 4.5 weeks. A great spin according to my point of view at the beginning with a 13 week round. An email from Scarpa informed me that my shoes had arrived at my warehouse and would be with me in a few days. Then he sent me a message that the shoes are coming on a certain date. Therefore, I was well aware of the progress of the service during the process. Scarpa says they repair any type of Scarpa shoes, including some hiking boots, so any shoe model you have should be able to repair and rebuild them. Scarpa currently uses vegetarian-friendly adhesive for all its mountaineering shoes, so if your model likes vegetarianism, you will be well served.

Excellent tires increase outdoor confidence.

The shoes came in a box and in a superb shape, perfectly clean, including velvet fittings on the Vapor V and a clean, lovely Maestro with a clean look and a full sole along the length of the shoe. Both of them performed exceptionally well and although they were not as strong as the dismissal time, they failed well after two weeks of promotion. Everyone who has seen them has been greatly impressed by the quality of the service, and I cannot recommend it enough – a completely old school solution that has been updated and is well aligned with the current bias.

Scarpa Resole service and price list can be found at the following address scarpa.co.uk

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