As many of you have seen, the park has introduced a new online licensing system for climbing reservations as well as hiking licenses.  It worked well by activating a simple booking process.  However, we have identified a flaw in the new system that makes the number of sites at Camp Muir and Camp Schorman less than available.  We have warned the developers and they are fixing the problem.  Developers, meanwhile, have posted a warning on the page describing the flaw.

This is the problem.  Despite what it may seem, every night before and the day after, there are thirty climbers at Camp Muir and twelve climbers at Camp Sherman only through “walking” (day) permits for that day. to the  Here is an example image from

notice thatGreen “W”Indicates that walking permits are still available. Visit the guard station in person at least one day before your desired start and you can get a license.

ThisYellow circle “3”Indicates that only three “reservation” sites remain to be licensed in advance – but hiking licenses (30 Muir / 12 Schurman) are still available.

ThisRed circle “0”Indicates that no booking permits are available but does not indicate the amount of free walking permits yet (30 Muir / 12 Schurman).

Unfortunately, there is no great way to show the current access to walking permits, so appearing and waiting to get it is a bit of a gamble – but luck is in your favor! On one of our busiest weekends (July 4), there was still plenty of walking space available. While we can not guarantee that a walking permit is available, it would be surprising if we could not do so — especially for smaller teams with flexible itineraries.

The site administrators are aware of this issue and the resulting confusion and are working to resolve it. For now, they have posted a warning on the site to warn climbers:

In the meantime, do not let the numbers of your site stop you from getting a walking permit!

Here is a link to the Wild Park system and mountaineering permits for Mount Rainier National Park:

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