Winthrop Glacier from Camp Schurman

The great camps were alone last weekend – and for good reason. An atmospheric river event hit the Rainier Mountains and western Washington with significant humidity.

Radar image from Sunday night 13/6/21 21

Rainfall is measured in the park at Paradise, where weather station 2 inches of rain has been recorded since Friday!

The ice level rose between 9,000 and 11,000 feet during the storm. The wind was strong in both camps, making travel to the top of the mountain almost impossible. Camp Muir felt the full force of the storm and was exposed to the current. Stable winds at Camp Muir rose more than 50 miles per hour on Sunday, with winds reaching 99 miles per hour. Registeredto the
Check Avalanche Center Northwest Website for real-time weather information from Paradise and Camp Muir stations.

Camp Sherman broke down after Monday night’s storm.

In the future, the situation will be hot and dry until the middle of the week. This weekend the temperature will rise and the freezing level will reach more than 13,000 feet. Sure, this is good news, but how does it affect climbing conditions?

All of the rainfall from the recent storm fell due to snowfall at an altitude of more than 11,000 feet or the surface area of ​​Ingraham. This means that it can have a high mountain Leg From the new wet, heavy snow, strong winds may have moved the new snow to the top of the mountain, creating new windboards that could be created by a mountaineering party. Teams planning to climb this week Must Carry avalanche rescue equipment for every climber – including a flashlight, shovel and explorer

As the weekend approaches, rising temperatures and the strong June sun are slowly stabilizing these avalanche hazards. However, dangerous avalanche conditions can remain near the summit until the weekend. Constantly assess snow conditions during this week’s climb. Heavy snowfall that comes hollow or cracked when passing through should stop you. And it may be a reason to go around.

Shooting into the gap in a windshield

For the most up-to-date weather information, visit Rainier Mountain recreational forecast

Climbing routes Disappointing Cleaver And Emmons / Winthrop Not much has changed in the last week. See the links above for more information.

Climb safely and enjoy the sun this week!

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