I have become a big fan of Red Chili (again after their initial arrival in the late 90’s) and for the past few years I have used the main green / yellow voltage and Fusion VCR for all my climbs. In fact, I liked it Voltage I bought so many a second pair – an unknown from the Yorkshire gear review! Fusion is my traditional / Alpine lightweight shoe while my inner wall voltage has been the limestone stone weapon of my choice. Both voltage pairs are currently due to a game console and so I use it Voltage gridto the

Magic (but not Fly Agaric unless you are a Viking or Lapland native)

The voltage grid uses light green (wasabi) and a little orange the main voltage, but this is where the similarity ends. The latest case is the new Burgundy / Orange voltage and has changed slightly compared to the original versions, especially in the heel area. I was a little wary of this at first, because one of the pleasant aspects of the mains voltage was its comfort around Achilles, albeit for some users due to the high heel lock function. Compared to the mains voltage, which is half its size from 8 to 8.5, I can not physically place 8 on my larger left foot. The heel is definitely more aggressive but does not put any extra pressure on Achilles (which I am very sensitive to) and after a short break I can wear it for long bouldering and sport climbing sessions but I have no serious climbs. I have not tried earth. To lock the heel, this is an improvement over the mains voltage – personally I had no problem with the original version, but I know some people did. The latter is still suitable for my wide legs, which is a relief because not many companies seem to support Hobbit climbers! As you can imagine, the lace above is not just the Velcro version with the addition of a strap! The shoe is a little stiffer, the upper part has a different design and there is a perforated toe piece. The straps allow for a custom fit and very easy entry and exit from the shoe, and with the reinforced lace adhesive loops, it will mean unwanted stretch or without any stretch, although with the leather upper, you “cover” this beautiful effect on your feet. . The laces are wrapped with leather on top instead of the tongue. This arrangement works very well and I did not have any problems with it while allowing a larger finger to be created for the fingers and finger adhesions. The toe patch on the inside of me looks a little more sensitive, although it works well in cracks and on the grout in real cases. The only complaint I have is that the red chili has put a thin cloth liner on top of the toe box, which is probably to limit the stretch, and I sometimes find that it only breaks a little at the suture line to the toe. Pink foot enters my left. Chile Red State:

“A thin layer in the toe box increases comfort and prevents stretching of the upper material.”

I’m not sure if the lining is necessary due to the remarkable patching of the toes and the high standards of the usual Red Red production. For me personally, it was insignificant in a great shoe, but it is quite possible that depending on your foot you will not even notice it – try as always before buying.

You can see the raw edge of the toe lining, which caused a slight irritation. This was not really a problem here, it was on the side for me, but I could not take enough photos.

It only happens on my (bigger) left foot and is only occasionally noticeable. As shoes break, this becomes less and less of an issue, but it still exists sometimes. Otherwise everything is perfect – a reasonable recession that does not put you at risk for Vibram XS Grip slab stain and adhesion problems. A thinner sheet of rubber can be more sensitive, but for most mortals, the equation of cost and cost is worthless – and there’s always a local culvert to crush it, if you’re so angry!

In use
With the spread of the epidemic, the vast majority of my mountaineering has been off-grid, which is not a bad thing! As I mentioned earlier, there is no two-step HVS Lake Classic multi-rock climbing method. However, the voltage grid has been tested on Yorkshire limestone up to 7a and on local Gritstone rocks. Bolding can increase the accuracy and safety of the heel. When the heel is locked and the lower part is a little stiffer, it is a double-edged sword: it is excellent on pebbles and small edges of limestone, it is less suitable in marginal spots. As you expect. On limestone and volcanic rock, a slightly stiffer bottom has been created for very precise and powerful edges – anyway according to the user’s suitability! In general, I can say that the voltage grid makes better sneakers than Velcro wood, but Velcro makes better bouldering shoes – especially in smears and slabs. The fact is that they are very similar to each other and make you do a great job with two people – buy each one in pairs and cover most of the possibilities and you will not have to get used to two completely different shoes. Highly recommended.


  • Improved edge strength
  • Super customizable setting
  • Good durability for wider legs


  • Covering the toe box can cause irritation

SRP 125 pounds


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