Do not do this for safety: You saw someone else's rope

I was pushing my friend in the gym. As he approached the top of the wall, another climber climbed the neighboring path. My friend tied the chains and lowered them. While he was opening the ground, the other climber tied the same chains and lowered them, while my rope was still passing through the anchor. Fifty feet of his rope was rubbed on one point of my rope, the new 9.8 was on the third day of use. When we pulled it out, we noticed that a hole the size of a coin had burned in the pod and damaged the main strands. The climber who landed on my rope had more than 20 years of experience, just like the birth of his ship. Both claimed that they did not know that this type of rope-to-rope friction could cause damage. Fortunately, he bought me a new rope to change.
– Daniel, via email

Lesson: This is a good reminder to stay humble, no matter how much you climb. There is always more to learn and you can always go wrong. Ropes and straps are made of nylon or dynamo. While these materials are strong for climbing applications, they can be melted. Do you know how to burn the rope on your skin? The same thing happens when a climbing rope is rubbed on any other surface. This is why we pass the rope through the carabiners on a mountaineering anchor instead of directly through the cordlet or sling. Friction cuts them off quickly. A good rule of thumb is to use hard goods (carabiners, rappel rings) among your soft goods (rope, strap).

Suppose it is too late and you have chosen a new heavy rope for your mountaineering. what are you doing? Be omitted? If it is right in the middle of the rope and the two halves are not long enough to be useful on their own, yes. This rope is only useful for one carpet. On the other hand, if the injury is close to one head, you can Cut off the damaged part And continue using the rest. Keep in mind that by changing the length of the rope, it may be too short to climb certain routes and the previous central signs will no longer be accurate. Serious accidents are caused by shortening the ropes, so be extra careful when using it.

Now because we get a lot of stories from the bad choices of climbers and then Nonsense, Let’s praise the offending climber for a second here. He made a mistake, he owned it, and he did the right thing by changing the rope. good job.

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