The American Alpine Institute recently received the following email from the National Park Service:

San France This location oversees the Northern Waterfalls National Park and the National Recreation Areas of Lake Ross and Lake Chalan. Stryker currently serves as overseer of Alaska National Park and Denali Conservation.


“With 28 years of experience in national park services, he has a proven track record of visitors and resource management,” said Cindy Orlando, NPS Regional Director. “He has extensive skills in managing vast natural areas and the ability to create partnerships that make him suitable for this position.”

“I am excited to serve as an overseer at the Northern Waterfalls National Park Service Complex, located in the heart of nearly two million acres of inter-agency desert,” Stryker said. “I look forward to joining an amazing team and working with the park’s top partners to preserve the spectacular, natural and cultural values ​​of this unique area.”

In his current role, which he has held since 2013, Stricker manages six million acres of desert and mountain scenery, including the highest peak in North America, and the traditional land of the Alaskan natives and Dena, where they They continue their livelihood. He recently served as the NPS Regional Supervisor in Alaska for 18 months, overseeing all NPS operations in 16 parks, two affiliated areas, and 54.7 million acres. Stryker has also served as an overseer of the New Riversgorg National Monument and Mount Rosemore and Fort Coltsap.

In addition to several oversight positions, Stryker has served as a supervisor at Yellowstone National Park and has held several senior positions as an NPS representative on the Department of the Interior inter-agency teams.

Stryker holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He and his wife Gretchen, 34, have three children: Ryan (30), Bobby (28) and Kali (26). In his spare time, Striker enjoys everything outdoors.

The NPS Complex of Northern Waterfalls includes a “vast sea of ​​peaks.” There are more than 300 glaciers inside the park – the largest concentration of glaciers in the United States outside Alaska. The NPS collection also holds evidence of more than 9,000 years of human presence in the landscape, including high-altitude ancient sites. Park staff protect and interpret evidence of early use of the landscape by Native Americans, homeowners, miners, hunters, tourists, and industry, as well as forest protection and management by the federal government. Learn more at

At the American Alpine Institute, we have known Don Striker as Head of National Park and Denali Conservation since 2012, and we are very pleased with his appointment to lead and manage Cascades North National Park. At Denali, he oversees our rating for mountaineering services, which includes six Danali trips a year and mountaineering and climbing courses at many other peaks within the park.
“This is a relatively dangerous and stressful operation, and Superintendent Striker has handled it with respect and what can be called light. He has high expectations, but if anyone is into what “His contract promises to act, to respect the work and not to mismanage (or second, guess the hard decisions on the mountain).”
“More generally, I say that he is progressive, easy to talk to, kind and extremely concerned about people, nature and people in nature. Colleagues believe that he has done his job as Denali’s supervisor. “He won in 2012 because he made a name for himself. He builds partnerships, promotes widespread volunteering in parks, and works effectively with state governments.”
Prior to becoming Denali, Striker oversaw the New River Gorge and Mount Rushmore National Monument and oversaw Yellowstone National Park. He has a background in economics (Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania) and spent the first half of his career in financial management for the NPS and the Department of the Interior. He will bring an unusual set of skills and experience to the Northern Falls.
The American Alpine Institute offers rock climbing and climbing courses in six states and 16 countries, but our largest area of ​​activity is in the Northern Falls, and we are really excited to work under the leadership and management of the Superintendent Striker.

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