There are many horror movies that somehow involve climbing. Most of them are not only bad, but they are really bad. In fact, it is somewhat unusual to encounter one … mediocre.

The reality of most films in all genres is that they are mediocre. You do not get bored often. You interact with the characters and forget about it quickly after the movie is over. Surprisingly, really bad movies tend to stay with you a little longer.

Top line(2009) is one of those mediocre films that will probably leave my mind shortly after I write this blog. But that does not mean I was not involved. For a “thriller-thriller” movie set in the mountains, it was much better than most of its rivals, but that’s not really much.

The five friends decide to travel to Croatia, where they travel to the mountains via the Euphrates. For those who are unaware, the Fratta is a kind of ascent in which a crab fork is used. The Fratha route is via cables and ladders – many of which were designated during World War II – through the mountains. If you hit the ground, it will catch the crab claws attached to your restraint.

In any case, friends consist of two women and three men. One of the women, Chloé (Fanny Walt, Previously with one of the men, Loïc (Johann Libro) And now with one of the other men, Guillaume, ()Rafael LanglettThis creates a bit of tension throughout the story and is, in fact, one of the sub-categories that elevates the film above many of its competitors.

The person is led by the group (Nicholas Giroud), A skilled climber who is confident he can take the group to the mountains on a rugged, fragmented Ferta route. Needless to say, he is not doing a good job and the team is caught in the mountains. And of course, the fact that they are trapped is accompanied by the fact that there is a delusional psychosis in the mountains that is trapped everywhere and may be cannibalistic … or something. All of this leads to where most horror movies go, a combination of blood and gut and tension in the edge of your chair.

There is a scene that is especially interesting for climbers. The Euphrates Pass is completely destroyed and climbers are trapped in a forest on the cliffs with two injured. They have a rope, but they have almost nothing else: no ribs, no extra clothes, nothing.

One of the great values ​​of such a film is that we tend to put ourselves in the role of characters … and I have to admit that this was a time when I was not sure what to do. The situation was extremely difficult. Especially with the lack of equipment to cheat on anything. There are scenes like this that are worth watching in this kind of movies. What will you do …?

Top line It is a French film that has been dubbed. This is a little worrying at first. I generally prefer movies with subtitles. But the dubbing is worrying because there are parts in English where the characters are put together, but then they start speaking French again. This is annoying. However, the plot is just interesting enough that you can forget about dubbing.

The second big problem of this film is how to direct (Abel FreeWere selected to cut films designed to increase tension.

Here is an example: A character is running. Another character is the archer. A character is running. Another character is still loading ammunition. The first character is still playing and the music is loud so he must be in danger, but the other character is still loading the cannon.

Most directors three times where Frey decided to choose six or seven. The intention to create tension continues so much that there is no more tension …

Earlier in the review, I noticed that there was tension between two male characters over a female character. Although the characters’ actions are sometimes silly (such as fighting each other while being hunted by a lunatic), this little subplot provides little depth for flat characters. It also offers some plot twists that make a more interesting story possible.

Ferreta sequences are mostly true the way they actually are … minus cables that are accidentally broken. This is normal in this kind of film and I want to suspend my disbelief. In fact, if nothing else, the film pushes viewers through the paths of Fratta

High Lane is a fascinating ride that explores places that other similar mountain horror movies have not seen. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good movie … but if you have no other work, it might be worth an hour and a half of your time …

-Jason Di Martin

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