Looking to strengthen your mountaineering skills this summer? We have a variety of new and exciting programs in 2022!

Mt Baker / Mt Rainier Seminar During this 7-day Baker / Rainier climb, climbers spend the first 3 days climbing the Baker Mountain Easton route. The climbers then take a half-day training course on the trip / training, and then work their way through Rainier’s desperate historical path. Date 2022: May 25-31, July 8-14, August 25-31

Winter Seminar / Peak Climbing – This 6.5-day program is designed for our climbers at the top of Mount Rainier, along with a complete training program to prepare climbers for larger trips such as Denali, to the climbers. Date 2022: April 27-May 3

Little Tahoma Seminar / Rainier The 7-Day Little Tahoma / Rainier Seminar puts our climbers in a 3-day training seminar and an attempt to meet little Tahoma, the twin mountain just below Rainier, the third highest peak in Washington state. The climbers then move on to Moir Snifield and take the summit of Mount Rainier via a disappointing electric trail. Dates 2022: June 28-July 4

4-day expedition preparation seminar This 4-day Rainier training program emphasizes deployment and logistics training designed to provide the specific skills needed to succeed on larger voyages such as Denali. Dates 2022: February 19-22, March 5-8, March 19-22, April 2-5, April 19-19


Photo: Crevasse Rescue practice on Rainier Mountain (Lara Ralich)


We have added dates and expanded existing winter seminars!

Ouray Expedition Preparation Seminar – This 4-day program for mountaineers looking to prepare for a trip to the larger mountains, such as Denali, takes the time to talk about hiking skills and work on rescue and self-rescue techniques. The program will be hotel-based, but if conditions allow, the group will spend a night in camp and winter snow, with a short sled-approach – a good introduction to extreme self-care for expedition mountaineering. If time allows, climbers will also sample the ice climbing that Aura is known for.

Dates 2022: February 15-18, February 24-27

Washington Mountain Preparation Seminar – This is a complete supplement to your previous mountaineering experience in special expedition training skills, with the effort of Mount Washington. The first and second days are spent outdoors reviewing and learning technical skills: catching ice axes, bottlenecks, interference skills, ropes, snow anchors, gap rescue, glacier travel, and sled cheating. We return to the city for the first two nights. On the third day we go to Mount Washington and camp there on the fourth day, waiting for our summit to try.

Date 2022: January 12-15, February 8-11, February 22-25, March 7-10, April 4-7

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