September 15, 2021

Team photo on top of a chair in Cheget (Sasha Sack)

Team photo on top of a chair in Cheget (Sasha Sack)

Another great tour in Cheget for our team. After waking up, the team had a small amount of work to do a few days before their flights home. They went to the clinic and had their PCR-RT test, which is required before flying home. After that, it’s time to do some sightseeing, buy souvenirs and eat sweets and cakes on top of the elevator. More beautiful views were also rewarding from the top of the chair and the great weather.

Thinking about the next mountain in Russia (Sasha Sak)
Have a great day at Chegat (Sasha Sak)

He was packing up again this evening and getting ready to leave for Moscow early in the morning. IMG Senior Guide Sasha Sack wanted to tell us that they are currently saying goodbye to Elbrus and celebrating tonight with “a few glasses of something”.

Everything is fine in Russia and in the morning in Moscow!

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