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Beal restraints have not yet become a common sight in Cra USgs, however, with some additions to the line and easy access, Beal is considered to be a major player in the containment arena. The newly designed harness for the 2016 Phantom restraint falls into the categoryLightweight, The highest sport mountaineering restraints.Just as I was preparing for my recent sporting trip to South Africa, I grabbed a phantom boat just a few days before departure. I dropped the tags and put the restraint in my closet, hoping I would not regret locking my old restraint in the Phantom without the rope. And the result? Not only is this a solid option on the market, but it wins as my new favorite restraint and my advice to anyone looking for the best performance inhibition. Let’s take a closer look at why this restraint wants to be ignored in the face of the best together. 

On the ropes 
I slid the phantom, adjusted it easilyAdhesiveThe “hip straps” hold the ankles where I wanted them, and I did stretching and pre-climb exercises. It was my turn to pull the rope and I sought restraint. I forgot to shoot for a momentInhibition ‘It stuck in my mind before I realized, “Wait a minute, I’ve already worn it.”ده‘How minimalist and perfectly appropriate this restraint is.But eventually the ease of restraint to walk on the ground is reduced by taking it to the vertical realm. 

Step one 
Love on the first climb! As I climbed the cliff, I tried to look at my sweet new harness to analyzeHave I made the right choice to put aside the restraints I had previously sworn to? Well, I had a hard time doing that, because I could hardly say that I was using restraint at all. On the ground I called for the first time to take and restrain the weight. Kamal. The leg and belt loops remain tight and distribute the pressure evenly without drillingIn my family jewelry … but fortunately, I was not in my warm-up, so the test has to be done. 

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Get great air 
The line I worked on during my trip was not weak for people, because if I hit the last strong move to hit the next screw, I will leave two clips in a row and go back to a 40 page. I screwed up. Over and over and over again. Guess what? I am writing this review now, so restraint did its job. The lashes were so smooth and comfortable that I could almost get away from my body by plasteringRed dotFailure to create frequent passenger miles in the phantom. Just about. 

day by day 
For better or worse, I spent a lot of time putting the Phantom through the bell with big whips and a lot of hanging on the bolts. I never once cI explained that my buttocks were aching, even without a shirt I could walk all day without feeling any terrible burning or that I was wearing a red leather belt at the end of the day. Towards the end of the trip, when the temperature started to rise, I had to check the breathability of the harness and I was very impressed. I did not even get the sexy sweat ring on my T-shirt that I have experienced in many restraints. 

Facts, charts and comparisons 
For comparison, I compare the Phantom to the lightest functional restraintsپتزل(SitaAndHirundus) And black diamond (area). 

I’m listing this for the first time because some readers may have heard enough about how great the Phantom is, and this final factor puts them on the sidelines and on their way to the gear shop. The ghost enters with a killeroriginal priceFrom 69.95 Black Diamond Zone orپتزل Hirundus99.95 will hold you backAndThisپتزل SitaAmazing cost 169.95 

Phantom weighs 325 grams (medium size) compared to 298 grams in the Black Diamond area, 280 grams inپتزل HirundusAnd 270 grams forپتزل SitaThis makes the Phantom 25-55 grams the heaviest handle.If less than one ounce weight makes the difference between sendingOrFalling, drink a sip less water or remove a few hairs before leaving the ground. In practice, the phantom is exactly equal to the brightest light. 

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It has always been a fallپتزلThe restraints for me are small leg loops that are very tight, but the mid-waist belt sticks to the buckle and can be tighter. Keep in mind that I have the foot of a standard rock climber, so I never fully understood this. However, the Beal Phantom allows me to wear a small size and the leg rings fit perfectly. I find the same about Black Diamond braces and looking at the profile tabs of each brace shows the same. Adjust the size of the Phantom to the size of the BD and as you wish for itپتزلto the 

Best in class, hands down. BillAttributes comfortWeb-Core technology means that the harness loops are each a single structural component (as far as I understand). I call itThe first night at home in a comfortable bed after sleeping on a camp in the dirt. 

Gear rings 
Gear rings are the perfect combination of hard and flexible. A piece of plastic is placed on a mesh ring, which means that the four gear rings remain completely open. This is similar to the BD design, but the main difference is that the plastic part stops further away from the belt, so the loops move freely with your body. I think the BD design is good but a bit gloomy compared to the Beal. ThisپتزلThe rings are stiff, out of reach, and the rear rings are very small. 

If you want the lightest gear available, its durability is somewhat reduced. Durable Phantom Lightweight options from the right locationپتزلAnd Black Diamond, each of those brands are worn a lot. Given these cases, I do not find any style restraintConstant Screaming If you are a weekend climber, this restraint will last for years. Full-time climbers, not as long as you like, but still on par with other top brands. 
It seams 
The most important considerations, right? Phantom is a great combination of passionate and sGear rings are comparable to neon green flash agent, and belts and rings are flat black with subtle green highlights, so you don’t feel like you’ve blinded people with neon, but you’re still flaming.

I list the pros and cons of restraint, but to be honest, there are no downsides, only the pros. The Beal Phantom is the best lightweight and high-performance harness on the market.Go buy one nowEnough said. 


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