Grant Alert: The American Alpine Club wants to fund your next adventure

The American Alpine Club (AAC) is excited to announce They are currently accepting applications for 6 grants: TINCUP Partner in Adventure Grant, Cutting Edge Grant, Jones Backcountry Adventure Grant, McNeill-Nott Award, Mountaineering Fellowship Fund and Rocky Talkie Search and Rescue Award.

AAC Climbing and Adventure Aid has a legacy that has contributed to significant American wide-ranging climbs over the past 120 years. Today, the AAC strives to support all mountaineers, from beginners to professionals of all ages and disciplines, to pursue their interest in mountaineering.

  • This TINCUP Partner in Grant Adventure, Created in collaboration TINCUP mountain whiskey, Provides training opportunities from local guide services for you and a friend to take your activities to the next level. This grant is awarded to both groups with any level of experience, to partners up to $ 1,000 for their desired training opportunity.
  • AAC has been inspired and supported by advanced climbing achievements for over 100 years. From funding the first ascent of Mount Logan in 1925 and the exploration of Karakram in 1938 to the first ascent of Rupal Nanga Parbat in 2006 and countless expeditions among them, the AAC is there to encourage climbers through their physical and mental stress. Reaffirms constraints, supports their pursuits, and celebrates their achievements. Edge cutting allowance It continues this tradition, with the goal of funding exceptional mountaineering athletes to pursue climbing and mountaineering goals worldwide. Edge cutting aid bonuses intend to contribute significantly to the total dispatch costs. Prizes typically range from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000. However, the amount of the prize will vary based on the project and the budget.
  • This Jones Backcountry Adventure Grant And Reward Live like Liz Its purpose is to support multi-day trips with strong exploration and adventure components. The goal of the project may be to focus on a landing / peak or sightseeing in an area. Recipients will receive $ 1,500 plus a Jones slit board, skin and backpack.
  • With the untimely death of Swan Knut and partner Karen McNeill at Mount Foraker in 2006, the AAC partnered with Mountain Hardwear McNeill-Knott Award In their memory, the award seeks to maintain the morale of these two talented and courageous climbers by providing financial assistance to amateur female climbers looking for new routes or ascending peaks with small, lightweight teams. Two or three grants totaling $ 5,000 per year are awarded to amateur teams that meet the best criteria for achieving exploration goals. The award focuses on projects that have exploratory and adventurous mountaineering goals.
  • Beginning in 1966, Mountaineering allowances American climbers 25 and younger have long been encouraged to go to remote areas and explore more sophisticated mountaineering than they can normally do. Unknown mountain ranges, unclimbed peaks and new difficult routes are treated with respect. Grants vary by project, but usually range from $ 300 to $ 800, and help cover travel, equipment, or other expenses needed to reach your goal.
  • This Rocky Taki Search and Rescue Award Recognizes search and rescue teams for their valuable services. Prizes are divided into four groups. Each winner is determined based on the applicant’s description of the 2021 rescue operation, which shows the level of skill, enthusiasm and dedication of the team.

The application window for all six grant proposals opened on October 1, 2021. The TINCUP Partner in Adventure Grant program closes on November 8, 2021. The Cutting Grant, Mountaineering Grant, McNeill-Nott Award and Grant Backcountry Adventure Grant programs close on November 30, 2021. Finally, the Rocky Talkie Search and Rescue Award programs close on January 31, 2022.

Please visit To apply and learn more about the special application criteria for each grant.

About the American Alpine Club

The American Alpine Club has a legacy of funding for climbing, conservation and research projects in North America and around the world. AAC grants have been responsible for encouraging thousands of climbers to dream big and push their limits. To pioneer hundreds of new routes from distant and vast peaks around the world; To improve infrastructure in mountaineering areas across the country; And funding scientific research that has contributed valuable information to our understanding of the worldThe AAC Mountain Ecosystem contributes more than $ 150,000 annually to projects that support the improvement of the mountaineering community and environment. More information and club membership at:


Eddie Spinosa, Community Programs Manager

Shane Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer

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