Many gyms have automatic belay machines. These devices allow you to do rope climbing without a mountaineering partner. They increase your ability to make the most of your time at the gym, as it is much easier to do laps or work on one track without pushing someone out.

In this short video, one of the gym staff discusses how to use the automatic rear machine.

Here are some important points he made in the video:
the first, Remember to actually stick to the belay automatic carbine. No one is checking on you there, so you should check your harness and carbine yourself. If you do not enter properly – or at all – you may be harmed.
Most car crashes are due to the accident because the climber forgot to hit the hill.
The second, If you accidentally drop the carbine, do not worry about it. Do not try to climb up and get it. Just tell one of the employees. These things happen all the time.
Third, The first few times you use automatic belay will be very scary. It can not absorb you until you have fully weighed it, and so it can feel like you are falling for a moment before getting involved. Getting used to this proximity to the earth is valuable.
Auto play is great. I personally really appreciate the fact that the stadiums have this option …
-Jason Di Martin

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