– Sasha Digiulian, a professional mountaineer, has worked extensively with women mountaineers in Afghanistan. He recently wrote passionately about what is happening in the country for them in mountaineering. “Right now, as you read this, thousands of people are desperately trying to flee Afghanistan since the Taliban took control of the country on Sunday. You have seen the chaos in the news. Among these potential refugees are members of Ascend.A track and field, Afghanistan’s first female mountaineering team, is part of a program that has produced hundreds of strong female mountaineers since 2014. To save these young women from this oppressive regime, we “We need to raise our voices. We need to make sure that these and other dangerous women are included in US evacuation plans.” click hereto the

North West:

“According to the National Park Service (NPS), a garbage baby named Wolverine, Kate, was born in Mount Rainier National Park. “The first family of werewolves were discovered in the park in August 2020.” click hereto the

– Wilderness Search Investigations (WSI), a new nonprofit company seeking to recruit volunteer search teams in Washington state. The team will continue to search for the missing climbers after the search is suspended. They are currently seeking salvation. Interested people should be comfortable walking the easy route, as most of our searches are done without the use of GPS, maps and compasses as backups. Backpacks are likely to be in the search places for a three-day vacation, otherwise there will be daily walks. Climbers need a 24-hour “what happens” package daily. Day or overnight depends on the search location. Please send an email of interest to wldnsrchinves (at)


–Snowbrains reports that “Dixie Fire, now the second largest wildfire in California history, is the first known fire to be burned across the Sierra Nevada Mountains.” The fire started on the western slope and continued throughout the eastern slope. For further reading, click hereto the

–This is a beautiful headline from Fox News 26“The Sierra Nevada sheep population is growing after decades of absence from Yosemite.”
Inyo National Forest has been moved to the second phase of fire restrictions. These restrictions are due to the intense fire activity in the area and include issues such as “non-smoking”. To read the list of restrictions, click hereto the

Southwest Desert:

Las Vegas Magazine Review reports that “Clark County lawmakers recently approved the construction of houses on a gypsum mine overlooking the Red Rock Canyon National Reserve, which has been the subject of years of debate over environmental impact and private development. But the blue Diamond Hill project approved Aug. 4 is not the same controversial proposal by Gypsum Resources developer to build 3,000 homes, which has been strongly opposed by environmentalists and is embroiled in a tough legal battle. The commission unanimously rejected the poor signature. click hereto the
A climber raps in Joshua Tree National Park.

“The widespread presence in the Joshua Tree National Park due to the desire for outdoor recreation due to the corona virus epidemic is causing long-haul cars to retreat at the entrance and create a parking crisis for visitors,” the Bulletin reports. Zoo, camping and rock climbing in the desert park, the park offers two major projects as a possible solution to the long entry lines and lack of parking space inside the park, but these projects are extensive and in the early stages that need to be considered. Environment and public opinion before they can move forward. “For further reading, click hereto the
The National Park Service reports that “Louis Rowe, Deputy Superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park, has announced the selection of Angela Boyers as the main ranger in the protection of visitors and resources. A complex program that includes law enforcement, emergency services, fire “Susie will be in the wild and aviation areas, aviation, fundraising, behind-the-scenes operations and a regional deployment center.” click hereto the

“This week, Ski Taos Valley announced an increase in its minimum wage – up to $ 15 an hour – to meet living wage needs in the area where the business is located,” the company said in a report in the Business Journal. “According to Dawn Boulware, the company’s vice president for social affairs and the environment, wage increases were imposed on housewives and dishwashers earlier this summer. The remaining employees made the change to their first salary in October at the start of the company’s fiscal year.” For further reading, click hereto the

Colorado and Utah:

The Denver newspaper reports that “a climber was rescued on Tuesday morning after falling 20 feet from the second Flatiron and injuring his leg,” the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said. “The second Flatiron was preparing to return to the track when it crashed. It slipped as it tried to climb an obstacle at the top of the track.” click hereto the

Two women who were camping in the mountains of La Sal, near Moab, were shot dead. The Grand County Sheriff’s Office has determined that the killings were murders and an investigation is ongoing. For further reading, click hereto the

– From Rocky Mountain National Park: “From this week, all paved roads and parking lots in Rocky Mountain National Park will be striped. The work is expected to take three weeks and must be completed by September 4. During the day, when corrugations occur on asphalt roads, passengers should expect a delay of up to 30 minutes from Monday to Friday. “Nights end Sunday through Thursday from 8pm to 4am. It will be closed. The launch will not take place on weekends.”

-Backstacker reports that “just three and a half months after reopening to the public, Colorado Suspended Lake closes again due to a landslide that partially disrupted the route.” Scott Fitz Williams, White River National Forest Superintendent, said the landslide in last year’s Grizzly Creek burn area left much of the trail to the popular lake under rubble and destroyed several bridges. It has completely disappeared. As a result, he said, the suspended lake “will close for the foreseeable future.” “For further reading, click hereto the
–Fox 31 reports that “the team tasked with rescuing visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park needs a little help.” The vehicle that Park used almost as its mobile command center for search and rescue is really old, “Rocky Mountain Conservancy CEO Estee Rivera told FOX31. Currently, RMC is working on $ 75,000 “Collect for a new vehicle and a modern rescue.” click hereto the
The Salt Lake Tribune reports on access issues for climbers in the Cottonwood Valley. The Salt Lake Climbers Alliance opposes both options offered by the Utah Department of Transportation to reduce parking problems in the valley. For further reading, click hereto the
Mountaineering reports on the one-year war at Pix Peak. “Over the past few weeks, the Pikes Peak Bolt war has come to the attention of local executives and the mainstream local media, raising the Colorado Springs community in a frenzy. So far, neither side is willing to back down. “Anyway, they say, this is not just about a few turns. click hereto the
Notes from everywhere:

Gripad and many others report that David Roberts, often referred to as the “Master of Adventure Writing,” died at the age of 78. He was one of the world’s most prolific mountain writers, with his famous books including Deborah: A Tale of the Desert And My fear mountain. “For further reading, click hereto the

A 30-year-old woman died in a rock-climbing fall in the North Carolina Pilot Mountain. No information is available about this incident yet. To read about it, click hereto the

– A 32-year-old man died more than 1,000 feet in a mountaineering accident on Hungabee Mountain in Yoho National Park over the weekend. “After receiving a satellite communication message from two rescued climbers on the western ridge of the 3,492-meter peak in Yoho National Park near Banff National Park.” click hereto the
– While the Delta type is spreading across the country, the national park services are once again underway Use of masks in public buildingsto the
The Texas-based Crux Climbing Center recently hosted North America’s first comprehensive non-double climbing competition. For further reading, click hereto the
“Lyme-carrying ticks are a bigger threat than ever. New promising antibody treatment seems to stop infection – even after a bite,” reports Biron. For further reading, click hereto the

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