North West:

This report is very interesting The first climb to the Challenger Mountain hill, wayyyyy back there.

–Gripped reports that “a new five-step 5.10b traverse called Forgive My Trespass has been added to Papoose in Squamish. Howe Sound adds, “Less visited granite walls.” click hereto the
Baker Mountain at sunrise on September 1st.

Beta and many others report that “a combination of factors led to Monday’s decision to temporarily shut down all national forests in District 5, in fact the entire state of California.” “They are already burning, it is occupied, and adding more fire to their list can be devastating.” click hereto the

“A rapid caldera fire that burned more than 150,000 acres in the city of El Dorado, California over the past two weeks spread to Lake Tahoe Basin over the weekend. Images on Sunday show the fire going out,” Ski reports. “Seat structures and elevators in the Sierra oh at the Tahoe Ski Resort, 12 miles south of Lake Tahoe, where the fire was ordered to evacuate overnight as the wind blazed.” click hereto the
Colorado and Utah:

“One climber was killed and another was seriously injured in an accident on Thursday, August 26, in the El Dorado Canyon, Colorado. “They were still ropes together.” According to a Boulder County press release, the climber survived to be 20, while the deceased was in his 30s. “For further reading,click hereto the

Adventure Gate reports that “Gate Ninety-90, a popular ski access point in downtown Utah Park, is closed forever. Last winter, two skiers were killed in two separate incidents. “This residence decided that it was enough and closed the easy and obvious entry point right on the 90-9 elevator.” click hereto the

“Telluride Ski Resort is the first ski resort in the United States to bring accident insurance with its elevator ticket, but it will not be the last, according to Randall, CEO of Spot. Spot last season with Powder Mountain,” Ski reports. Offer free insurance on your season cards (you can add $ 5 a day to lift tickets), and Randall says Austin-based healthcare startup hopes to reach more skiers in the coming seasons Through elevator tickets and season licenses. “To read more, click hereto the
–Maury Birdwell recently built the fastest known diamond climbing car at Longs Peak. He recorded the free solo round trip at 3:26, very fast … The parking attendant did not believe him. Read about it, Hereto the
Notes from everywhere:

“A woman was killed in a mountaineering accident in North Carolina State Park this afternoon, authorities have confirmed. The 30-year-old Durham woman was climbing Pilot Mountain. “Park when 90 feet on the ground,” the Sari County Emergency Department said. click hereto the
– A mountain lion attacked a child near Malibu last week. From Huffpost: “A California mother saved the life of her 5-year-old son when she repeatedly punched a mountain lion in the front yard of their Los Angeles home. A 65-pound adult cat was later killed. Thursday by “Wildlife Rangers on Family Property Between Calabasas and Malibu. The boy was pulled about 45 yards by a mountain lion and severely hit in the head and body, but was in stable condition at a Los Angeles hospital on Saturday.” More , click hereto the
–Axios reports that “President Biden is announcing Charles F. Sams III as the next Director of National Park Services. If approved by the Senate, he will face global warming in the iconic US Park.” “The Samson is Native American heritage, and the park service has never been run by registered tribal members before. The Obama administration, with four people who played the role during Trump’s presidency,” said Wednesday. ، click here.
–TV Insider reports that “Alex Hanold is on the rise again, this time for Disney + documentaries from National Geographic. “He begins a lifelong dream: an epic quest to climb the farthest and hardest walls and peaks of Greenland.” click hereto the
–Vail Resorts has announced Opening date for all its accommodationsto the

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