President Biden Reconstructs Bear Ears National Building

President Biden uses his powers under the U.S. Antiquities Act to restore protection of the Utah Bear National Monument, effectively repealing President Trump’s 2017 executive order that reduced bear size by 85 percent. he does.

“This is a great victory for Indigenous peoples in the greater struggle for American public lands,” said Chris Winter, executive director of the Access Fund. Statement Published by Access Fund. The Declaration not only protects mountaineering and the vast cultural and scientific resources of the Bears Ears, but also helps preserve the integrity of the Antiquities Act and protects all national monuments throughout the country. “

The Biden Declaration also extends to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Building, in southeastern Utah and northeastern valleys, and the Seamount, a unique New England coastline.

This was the largest reduction in federal building protection in US history when former President Trump cut bear ears by 85 percent and the Grand Staircase-Escalante monument by 50 percent.

Bears’ ears have been the scene of some political upheaval for the past half decade.

The U.S. Antiquities Act, signed by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, allows the executive director to declare national monuments on federal land in order to protect significant environmental or historical sites. The Bear’s Ear, with its thousands of petroglyphs, importance to Native American tribes, unique desert environment, and value for the large outdoor recreation tent (climbers among them), has long been recognized as a prime candidate for the National Monument.

This was finally achieved in 2016, when President Obama designated the monument shortly before leaving office, but the protection of the original 1.36 million acres was short-lived. In early 2017, then-US President Donald Trump lifted the protection of 85% of the original monument, calling Obama’s decision a federal aggression. His work has been hailed by various mines, drilling, animal husbandry and development but has been criticized by a paleontological coalition, environmental groups, outdoor access groups and Native American tribes.

As a result of President Trump’s executive order, 40 percent of the climbing areas in the main building, including Valley of the Gods, Lockhart Basin, and parts of the Indian Ocean, were reduced from their previous state – a mixture of BLM, the National Forest. And the land of the bear bears, in addition to the sources of the ascent, is full of petroglyphs, burial sites and pre-Columbian houses, and is considered a sacred zone for the Navajo people, the Hopi tribe, the Indian tribe and the Pueblo. Among others. President Trump’s actions essentially made their interests in these lands conditional on the interests of the extractive industries. The Biden Declaration overturns this decision.

“Together, mountaineers and Native American tribes supported the National Bear Ear Building,” said Aaron Mike, Indigenous Fund Coordinator for Indigenous Territories. Corrected traditional values. And the main stories of several tribes. “

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The Republican opposition is likely

Just as President Trump’s executive order met with strong criticism and legal action from environmental and tribal groups (including the Access Fund), Biden’s statement was opposed by Republicans.

Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox, who has previously said Utah would sue the federal government if Utah makes a unilateral decision, expressed disappointment. He believes that the status of this land should be determined definitively by the legislation of Congress, apparently because he prefers not to see the situation in the White House, given the people sitting in the White House. “The president’s decision to resize the building is a sad opportunity,” Cox said. said“This cannot be taken for granted, nor can it be funded for law enforcement, research and other protection that buildings need, and only congressional action can provide,” he added.

The Romanian senator made a similar statement twitter“Again, Utah national monuments are used as a political football between governments,” he said. The decision to redraw the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante borders is a devastating blow to our government, tribal and local leaders. “

The senator does not explain why the tribal leaders are being ruined by the decision, however, as many tribes – allied with pro-land groups such as the Access Fund – have been supporting the restoration of the monument since 2017.

On October 7th Statement Issued by the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition — which includes representatives of the Hopi, Zoni, Indian-Indian, Navajo, and Otte-Monte-Otte tribes — Hank Stevens, a Navajo representative, explicitly asked the president to “restore the monument.” “The national bear bears the main vision of protecting it by using antiquities laws to prevent sabotage and desecration of the ancestral relics of our ancestors.”

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“It never disappeared for us,” said Shawn Chapoose, chairman of the Ute Indian Trade Committee. “We will always return to these lands to manage and care for sacred sites, water and medicine. This monument is a historic opportunity for the federal government to learn and apply our tribal land management practices. “We developed it and now it is needed more than ever.”

Chris Winter Fund also thanks “thousands of climbers from across the country who have supported the legal battle over the Bears for three years. “Biden helped. We also want to thank all the volunteers and partners who continue to listen to the bear’s landscape to ensure a respectful and sustainable recreational experience.”

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