If it’s me who messed up the size, 4 stars!

There is so much to love and new things to do All the mountains Package from Ultimate Direction. As the name implies, this is a package that is more about climbing than running, and it does a great job – however, there are a few areas that can be improved.

All Mountain is a 30 liter package that has the ability to absorb TARDIS. In the ideal world, all 30-liter packages have the same volume, but anyone with experience from different manufacturers will tell you that this is not the case. I’m not sure how the volume is measured (table tennis balls, rice bags, etc.) or just some “shapes” for better packaging, but All Mountain wins the useful volume. I can easily make a normal shelf (6 cams, two wires, 12 quick pulls, 4 long loops, 3 screws, disaster machine), shoes, plaster bag, flask, food, spare clothes and a half Put a rope or helmet inside it. The outside of the package can be accessed via a pull rope / top flap (similar to the Patagonia Ascentionist) or the back of the zipper. The next item works especially well for sorting the kit at the base of the hill. The strap that secures the “flap” with the rope can be re-placed on top of a complete package for long loads, such as folding a rope. The “flap” also has a sliding pocket with a key clip that can hold a phone, sunglasses, lip balm, weave, etc. as long as you do not overdo the original package. There’s a cord lash system on the back with daisy chains and twin ice ax holders that uses smart magnetic buckles and velvet rings. It holds the violets firmly while still allowing you to pull the package out without shaking the magnetic lock. Tools with manual rest / adhesion, etc. do not work in this case, because they do not rotate in the velvet ring, but can be effectively fastened to the package. Considered by ski climbers, there is a diagonal ski carrying system with quick storage capability using a stretched hoop and “hook” that can be placed behind the right shoulder pocket when skiing. The harness has a bottle pocket and an Ultimate Direction zippered pocket, just like their excellent running vests on regular shoulder straps (and a detachable belt) as well as twin sternum straps.

Here you can see the short chin straps and the small tool pocket on the right compared to the regular UD pocket on the running vests.

Say Ultimate Direction
“Phone, map, glass, food and water are easily accessible from the front” and with the extensive use of the FKT vest I wholeheartedly agree, but in the mountains everything is not so good. There are similar pockets, but because they are packaged on regular straps, they have been reduced in size, which does not affect the water bottle much, but zipped pockets are less useful. In addition, regular angle braces can mean that bulky objects can interfere with the rotation of your arm. I feel like Ultimate Direction may have missed a trick here because I think curbing the “vest” style will be more useful. It is certainly possible that a typical brace would be more suitable for heavier loads that the mountain has to bear, or that it would be more flexible in size.

Depending on the fit, the size is measured around the lower gears:
“(Unisex): SM / MD: 25 – 40 inches / 64 – 102 cm and MD / LG: 30 – 48 inches / 76 – 122 cm.”
I chose SM / MD (same great FKT vest I browsed some time ago) because I have a lower gear size of 36 inches. In the past, I’m not sure if this was the right choice.

In use
First and foremost, the mountains are a great means of transportation – both stable and comfortable with a full business shelf and a variety of items needed for a day of mountain hiking. As I mentioned before, the straps on the back of the chin are double, because they are a bit short, and to be honest, you only need one strap, because this package does not really matter in the style of the “vest”. I used it with and without a belt, and it worked well in both cases – the belt adds a little stability, but All Mountain is very stable even without it. By lowering the lock, I use it on some longer days of “grafting” in the lakes and climbing from easy cliffs to VS and walking 10-15 km, which is why it is so beautiful and Shows that would be a great package for fast. And alpine adventures as well.

In case of over-packing, you should be careful how to arrange a rope if it is glued to the top, although the strap can be adjusted so that it can fit, but there is a tendency for the ropes to move forward. To eat. With a short winter season, I did not have the opportunity to seriously test the ax retaining system, but they seem to be working well. Even with my inflexible shoulders, I can easily go back and retrieve the ax (this only applies to violets, not smelly freezing tools). Classic UD pocket strap and flask holder work well. Honestly, the flask holder can be used as much as it fits on other UD vests like the FKT, but the fit pocket is narrower, and if the strap angle is filled backwards (in the classic package) it can sometimes Hold on to your arm. Method) No more vertical like a running vest pack. Still usable but not as generous as usual and may have a problem with a “big” smartphone. The slip pocket on the back can hold the ski hook if needed, but otherwise it is completely detachable. Again, this pocket is very narrow and can not use the compass, which is my favorite use in FKT. The “door” or flap pocket is reasonably generous and easily fits sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, owl, gloves, snack, mini-header, map and compass without the hassle as well as having the essential key clip, so You do not need it. Do not panic when you return to the van! When packing the sack, I did my best to fill it from the top in the traditional packing style, but after that in the strait it was great to be able to open the back panel to access the kit. The zippered back panel was also suitable for quick access to items such as ordinary, usually large manuals when examining boulders.

UD All Mountain is great for climbing and makes it a great mountain range for summer mountaineering.

Overall this is a good package that is very diverse and with a few changes here and there it can be great.


  • Jack of all trades
  • Capacious – Easily copes with a day of shaking
  • Comfortable and stable


  • Shoulder straps are slightly damaged
  • See size

SRP 140


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