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Mt. Damavand is a good symmetrical cone volcano that has a narrow snowy top. It seems like Mt Fuji within Japan, Asia. Mount Damawand dormant volcano sits nearly eighty kms northeast of Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Damavand bright summit and its particular wonderful ordinary fog up cover could be the most interesting look of Iran peaks.
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great Britain
Britain lost to Spain in the 2019 semi-finals, with Neil Skopski, Jimmy Murray, Andy Murray, Kyle Edmund, Dan Evans and captain Leon Smith making it to the final four.

Cameron Nouri, Britain’s number one, will lead the country to victory in the upcoming Davis Cup final after being named in the starting lineup of four.

Dan Evans is the second solo player to feature Joe Salzbury and Neil Skopski, both doubles.

Andy Murray says he intends to Skip the event For rest and “rest”, so the fifth player is confirmed later.

The 18-nation Davis Cup final kicks off on November 25 and culminates in the final on December 5.

Great Britain will play its group matches in Innsbruck against France on November 27 and the Czech Republic on November 28.

Nouri, 26, became the number one British man after winning the prestigious Indian Wells title earlier this month – and climbed to the top 15 in the world.

“Every player has had the best season of his career and brings strong characteristics to the team,” said David Smith, captain of the Davis Cup.

The fifth player will be confirmed in the next few weeks, and we are very excited to play in the final again this year, because we lost it in 2020.

Murray, 34, a former world number one, spoke to Indian Wells earlier this month, adding that he was not sure he “deserved to play on that team”.

If they win the group, Britain will stay in the Austrian city for the quarter-finals on November 30.

They can also be selected as the best runners-up, and the competition will take place in Madrid, where the semi-finals and finals will take place from 3 to 5 December.

The format of the event has changed since the opening ceremony in 2019, when Madrid hosted the entire event for seven days.

Great Britain Lost in the semifinals The final of the Spanish champions, though reaching the last four teams, ensured Smith’s team in the next round.

Last year’s tournament was canceled due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and this year the same 18 countries will play.

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