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Damavand Volcano is a superb symmetrical cone volcano having a narrow snowy peak. That appears like Mt. Fujiyama inside Japan. Volcano Damawand dormant volcano is placed nearly 80 kms North-East of Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. Damavand Volcano white summit and its stunning regular fog up hat will be the most attractive view of Iran mountain tops.
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Suddenly, betting on betting is not so bad.

For the third week in a row, several American sports books failed. That was not a big loss, especially compared to last week, and some books like DraftKings and BetMGM were released outside of Nevada on Sunday. But some veteran bettors could hardly remember a three-week period, such as the one they endured in October this year.

“In the 25 years I’ve been in the industry, I can’t remember three weeks like this,” said Jason McCormick, vice president of racing and sports for the Las Vegas-based casino station.

This is because there were not many. According to Nevada game control records, the state’s sports books have suffered only 11 net losses in football over the regular NFL season (September to December), most recently in November 2011.

John Murray, another Vegas veteran and CEO of SuperBook, estimated that they occur on 80% of NFL Sundays “simply because of the sheer volume of programs,” but we also suffer losses.

Of course, the share of bets on loss is not as great as the share of people betting, but we are in the midst of a very rare success for bettors.

“The only winner of the day for us was the Giants game,” said Jeff Stoneback, director of MGM Sports Books in Nevada. “For three weeks in a row, the public has done really well. Last week’s worst is not the most positive thing I can say.”

Notable NFLs

  • NFL home teams are 4-8 times the spread this week. This is the first week of the season that the home team has a record of winning against Spread. Favorites are 6-6 ATS this week.

  • The best early games for the bettors on Sunday were the Packers, who covered the spread in the victory over the Washington football team, and the Patriots, who covered the jets in a blast. These were the two big decisions of the day “by far” for BetRivers sports books.

    “Certainly there are seldom any defeats in the NFL for three weeks in a row,” Matthias Statz, chief executive of Rush Street Interactive, BetRivers’ parent company, told ESPN on Sunday night. But the other thing is that the bettors are happy and have a little more in their pockets for next weekend.

  • A PointsBet Sportbook spokesman told ESPN that it has never lost three consecutive Sundays in the NFL since entering the US market in 2019.

  • Part of the reason people were betting was the lack of big inconveniences. No weak team with more than seven points has fully scored this season.

  • Commanders lost 3-4 to the Titans on Sunday. Kansas City is the ninth team in the Super Bowl season to have a record of defeats in seven games, despite being considered in all seven games. According to ESPN statistics, of the previous eight teams, only the 1985 49ers reached the playoffs.

  • According to ESPN statistics, the Chiefs-Titans game closed at 59, the highest number since the Saints-Falcons in week 12 of the 2018 season and the fourth highest in the regular season in 15 years.

  • Biggest bets reported on Sunday games at Caesars Sportsbook: $ 520,000 on Rams-15 (loss)
    $ 520,000 in Bears +13 (loss)
    $ 520,000 in Cardinals -17 (win)
    $ 520,000 in Ravens -6 (at a loss)
    $ 520,000 in Colts +3.5 (Winner)
    $ 220,000 in the Titans +210 money line (winner + $ 462,000)

  • The SuperBook reported that it had bet $ 10,000 on the Bears just before the game against the Buccaneers. Tampa Bai won 38-3.

  • The three current division leaders – the Bengalis, the Cardinals and the Riders – had the best chance of winning their respectable divisions at the start of the season. The Cardinals scored 575+ points to win NFC West. The Raiders were 18-1 to beat AFC West and the Bengals were 25-1 to beat AFC North at Caesars Sportsbook. With a score of 25-1, Cincinnati tied with Detroit to get the second chance of the longest season to start the season. Only Houston had a better chance at 30-1.

Highlights of college football

* Missouri and Clemson, each at ATS 0-7, are the only teams still expanding.

* Three 20-point players lost on Saturday in college football, the biggest loss in a single day since at least 2010. In total, 12 20-point players have lost completely this season, the biggest loss in a single season since 2010.

Opening Lines via Circa Sports, the first U.S. sports book to submit a complete list of weekly and total lines.
Iowa in Wisconsin (-3, 36.5)
Michigan (-4, 53.5) in the state of Michigan
Miami in Pittsburgh (-10, 61.5)
Texas at Baylor (pick ’em, 59.5)
Texas Tech in Oklahoma (-22, 68.5)
Georgia (-13, 46.5) in Florida
Ole Miss in Auburn (-1, 66.5)
Penn State in Ohio (-15, 63.5)
North Carolina at Notre Dame (-4, 62.5)

What was his chance?

50-1: Atlanta Bryce’s chance to win the World Cup in early August at Caesars Sportsbook, the longest period of the season.

22-1: Houston Astros’s chance to win the World Series on the opening day of the Caesars sports book, the longest period of the entire season.

54: More / less than the total points in the Wake Forest-Army game on Saturday. Both teams outscored Wake Forest 70-56.

36.5: Total more / less in this week’s game Iowa – Wisconsin, the lowest game of the season.

-25: Penn State was 25 points ahead of Illinois and lost directly to Illinois in 9 overtime. This is the sixth absolute defeat of a team that was weak by at least 25 points this season. This is the highest level in a season since 1978.

Quotes to note

“There is a lot to the narrative [sports betting advertising]”We have tracked down with our fans and in fact … there is no negative feeling in our fan tracker.” Chris Halpin, NFL Director of Strategy and Growth Officer

“We’ve learned from the New Jersey experience that New Yorkers are clearly motivated to travel locally to place bets on sites that offer adequate consumer support that protects their betting integrity. Connecticut seems to be following a similar pattern: Easily accessible from the New York area, GeoComply shows that 38 percent of Connecticut betting activity originated in the southwest corner of the state along Corridor I-95, with heavy volumes concentrated at Stamford and Bridgeport and other highway entrances. “They are expanding. The north has also been a hot spot along the New York border.” – Chad Cornet, Vice President of Global Government Relations for GeComply, the company that provides geolocation tracking for most US sports books. Online sports betting was launched in Connecticut last week.

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