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Temba Bauma: Captaincy in South Africa was never my dream

Location: Dubai International Cricket Stadium Date: October 26 Time: 11:00 BST
Coverage: BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra Interpretation. Interpret live text, on-air clips and video highlights on the BBC Sport website and program.

The first black African striker to play cricket for South Africa, the first to score a century of probation and the first to captain a national team.

Temba Bauma has taken a path that could lead to becoming the first player to captain the Proteas and win a World Cup.

The 31-year-old is leading South Africa in the seventh round of the T20 Men’s World Cup and their best performances came in 2009 and 2014, when they faced an obstacle in the semi-finals.

With South African cricket in the middle of a traumatic period in which the national government of One crisis to another crisisExternal link At the same time as former black players are being accused of racism against their white teammates, raising the World Cup – contrary to all odds – creates a good boom for the country.

What would be the story if little Baumai, who is only 5 feet 3 inches tall, reached the heights. Black Calyx, Who was the captain of the Spring Box and won the Japan Rugby World Cup two years ago to spark nationwide celebrations of the team’s return home.

Winning the T20 World Cup will be a great achievement for an inexperienced group that started the tournament as the fifth T20 team of the International Cricket Council. Nearly half of the 15-member team, including Bawoma, will play their first world tournament.

Bauma admits that his team must climb a big mountain if it wants to be a world champion. “Raising the World Cup is a goal – it will be great – but we have a long way to go before we can reach that point,” he told BBC Sport.

“I do not want to hold back and have images of an exciting welcome at the airport.”

Bauma, a good friend of Kolisi, has learned the secrets of the rugby team’s success.

“We share ideas for different sports, different challenges from a leadership point of view, and the pressures of playing at such a big event,” Bauma said.

CIA Collis with the World Cup
CIA Collisi became the first black captain of the South African rugby team in 2018.

“We’ve talked about his presence in our leadership position. These are the chats we do informally, and that makes him very good. He is a humble man so he never takes responsibility for the success of the Springbook team. He will not take over. “

“I am inspired by the fact that he is a team that was probably not in the best position, and I get a lot of confidence, and through his leadership, he was able to bring the kids together and win the World Cup.”

Bavuma, a well-spoken and self-confident operator, is no stranger to captains, as he has led the Lions to two domestic T20 titles and a first-class trophy. In the 2018-19 season, for the first time as captain, she managed to score 61 T20 decisive balls in the T20 Challenge final.

Bavoma also had a great start to his international career, scoring 113 goals against Ireland in 2016 to become the second South African to record a century in his first day in action.

Grim Smith, South Africa’s most successful captain and now director of South African Cricket (CSA), and selector Victor Mepitsang were instrumental in handing over the captaincy to Bawoma.

“We have always been aware of the characteristics of Temba leadership,” Smith said at the time. Announced his appointment In March.

We understand how he performs in the team and the experiences he brings. The nature of his tactical captaincy has been really positive in the Lions and the feedback we have received from within the team – from managers and coaches. “

Bauma says a captain in South Africa was not a box he wanted to mark. “It was never my ambition,” he reveals. “It was a surprise. As a young kid, you always try to play for your country, to live with your passion. Captaining a team is a privilege.”

Bavuma also carries the extra burden as a role model for young black cricket enthusiasts. “It’s an extra responsibility, but it’s something I was able to do and take on,” he says.

“In the early days of my international captaincy, this responsibility was a little heavy. Recently, I accepted it; I will not fight it. Routing has become a little easier.”

تمبا باووما
Bawoma made his South African debut in a test match against the West Indies in 2014

To complicate matters, a storm erupted around South African coach Mark Butcher, who was accused of racism by former Paul Adams at CSA social justice and nation-building hearings in July.

Adams testified under oath that he had been racistly harassed by his former teammates, including Butcher, who allegedly sang a team song containing the term racist.

Butcher apologizedExternal link “Unconditionally for any offensive behavior, real or perceived” but described the allegations as “annoying and in fact false”.

“It was a noise from outside, but it was a kind of noise we could not ignore as a team,” said Bauma, who discussed the issue with Butcher. It got in the way of the team and we talked about it.

“We spoke with Mark to really understand these claims, and to allow us to move forward as a team. We can not take everything we hear in the media as the Bible. You have to Give people a chance to tell their story.

“The team is in a much better position now. The conversations we had gave us the opportunity to have a deep insight and see how things can be done better if necessary.”

Although South Africa Lost to Australia In the opening match of the World Cup on Saturday, on Tuesday in Dubai, the defending champion of West India, will face a lively spirit.

They have won their last three T20 series – against West West, Ireland and Sri Lanka – all away from home.

“The end of our performances was very good,” says Bavoma. “We take confidence from them and just try to drive at the speed we have achieved.”

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