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Damavand Volcano is a good symmetrical cone volcano with a narrow snowy peak. This seems like Mount Fuji within Asia. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano is situated nearly eighty kms NorthEast of capital city Tehran within the north Persian plateau. Damavand Volcano white top and its lovely ordinary fog up top will be the almost desirable view of Iran mountains.
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday signed a law restricting transgender students from participating in school sports based on their gender identity.

Texas It is the eighth state – and the largest – Legislation passed this year to address transgender athletes’ access to sport. South Dakota also imposed restrictions, but did so by executive order. Idaho passed a similar law in 2020, but has since been blocked in federal court.

The Texas law, known as HB 25, was passed at the state’s third special session. This allows student-athletes to participate only in inter-school sports that are gender-specific on their “official birth certificate”, which is defined as a document issued “at or near the student’s time of birth”. Be.

A student who is assigned to a girl at birth can only participate in boys ‘sports if girls’ sports such as football and baseball are not available.

Texas joins Alabama, which not only affects the ability of transgender girls to participate in girls ‘sports, but also the ability of transgender boys to participate in boys’ sports.

“My heart is breaking again for our communities in Texas who have worked tirelessly and vigorously against anti-transgender law in subsequent sessions,” said Anne Lieberman, Athlete Ally’s director of policy and programming. “HB 25 is another example of lawmakers passing laws that harass children who just want to exercise with their friends.”

This Existing policy of the University Intermediate Union (UIL). Requests all students participating in high school sports to do so in accordance with the gender listed on their identity card, including revised identity cards. The new law, which takes effect January 18, 2022, repeals the UIL policy. The birth certificate may be amended in Texas, but HB 25 prohibits UIL from accepting the revised birth certificate, something that bill author Valerie Swanson testified about the bill because of the increase in “lay sex correction” in the birth certificate in Year is essential. Texas from 2018-2019. Depending on the state in which the document was originally issued, the ability to recognize that the birth certificate has been modified varies.

“Some states protect the privacy of transgender people and do not show that the name and gender symbol have been modified,” said Asafur, senior lawyer for the National Lesbian Rights Center and director of the Transgender Youth Project. There are other states where the information has been modified to reveal previous information, so it is quite possible that you have two transgender athletes and, depending on their place of birth, one can participate in sports that match them. “Gender identity will not be the same.”

In Texas, a correction of a gender or gender marker on a birth certificate “will not be obvious,” a Texas Department of Health spokesman said.

Given freedom for all Americans19 bills specifically for transgender athletes and 54 anti-LGBT bills were filed in Texas during the regular and three special sessions, more than any other state. Tennessee had the next highest number with 14 total anti-LGBT bills.

Texas has one of the largest transgender youth populations in the country. A 2017 report from the Williams Institute at UCLA is estimated.

Transgender athletes have been a turning point in Texas since 2017, when McBaggs won his first state girls wrestling championship, even though he was a transgender boy. In the months following his victory, the Texas legislature introduced legislation that would affect the ability of transgender athletes to participate in the state, although it was not passed. The legislature considered additional bills in 2019, but they were not approved either.

“It’s adults who bully children,” said Andrea Segovia, field and policy coordinator for the Transgender Education Network in Texas. “At the heart of this is the institution that destroys the law of trans people. We are talking about public housing. There are trans people in these spaces. When you allow bills like this to become law, that is the message.” We do not. “I want you in these spaces.”

Unlike in 2016, when North Carolina passed a controversial law restricting LGBTQ support, states that passed laws affecting transgender youth participating in sports did not experience severe sanctions or sanctions. اند. Some advocates have pressured organizations such as the NCAA to take action. More than 500 student-athletes signed a letter In coordination with Athlete Ally, the NCAA urges the NCAA to refrain from hosting championship sites in any state that enacts restrictive laws to target transgender youth in sports.

So far, the NCAA has not repeated the actions taken in North Carolina in 2016, when it moved seven champions out of the state. For the NCAA Basketball Tournament, there are several upcoming events in Texas. The Christian University of Texas and the University of Texas at San Antonio are both set to host the Men’s Qualifiers in 2022, and the Men’s Final Finals in 2023 and 2025 are scheduled to be held in Houston and San Antonio, respectively. In 2023, Dallas is set to host the Women’s Final Four. In a statement on Aug. 3, the NCAA said it had no plans to change championships in states that have passed transgender athletes restrictions. On October 22, the NCAA said it had no further statements.

“Given the association’s core values ​​of inclusion and fair competition, the NCAA intends to hold its championships as they have been awarded, but urges all hosts to live up to their commitment to ensuring a non-discriminatory and safe environment for all.” “College athletes to approve by agreement of their host.” “Any host who fails to commit to a non-discrimination policy should contact the NCAA immediately,” the statement said.

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