Seattle – Excuse me if you were hoping to get a definite opinion on the quarterback James Winston And 2021 version of New Orleans Saints till now.

But in some ways, their 3-2 start before the sixth week bye was more like a regular pre-season.

The Saints have lost eight key players for most of the season, many of whom may return to action on Monday night. Seattle Seahawks (8:15 pm ET, ESPN).

And for various reasons, the attack has been relatively vanilla, with New Orleans in last place in the NFL trying to pass (24.0 per game).

Part of this is because their coach, Python, has relied on well-known commodities such as retreat. Alvin Camara And a star defense for plowing in a tough stretch, instead of Winston and a passing attack that was devoid of damaged receivers. Michael Thomas And Terry Cowan Smith.

And part of it is just an unusual sample size of games that were tilted in both directions. The Saints did not need to throw the ball in convincing victories over the ball Green Beakers And New England Patriots – And they could hardly get the pass in a defeat against the team Carolina Panthers.

“The main thing is to focus on finding a way to win,” said Winston, who made the most of his role as a complementary player with 12 touchdowns and three interceptions. ” Entering Week 7

“Big stats and games come when we get healthier and more identifiable with this crime. I know I can throw 500 yards and 8 touchdowns, but I want to put W in the column. We have been lucky to win more than we have lost and we have to keep it.

“The coach tells me that numbers come and they will bring all the good things.”

Even Drew Bryce, the former Saints defender himself, is not entirely sure what he sees from the Saints’ attack, which has done some very good things (No. 1 in the NFL in the Red Zone Touch Down percentage, top 10 in third-down conversions and rush yards In every game that enters this week) while it falls short in other areas (31 in passing yards per game, 30 in the first drop per game, 29% completion).

Winston has thrown his big arm this season with four throws of 49 and more yards, which equals the highest number of QBs in the league this week. However, the Saints’ attack came in last with a total of 10 games, winning more than 20 yards.

“I don’t just see the rhythm, the speed, the passing game that just completes the run game,” Bryce, now an NBC analyst, told Saints. Win 33-22 In Washington in Week 5 “Little Slut”.

“You get some of these splash games. You will then receive a number of these well-timed and well-designed third-party plays. But other than that, just in the first and second games down, moving the ball, owning the ball, I really haven’t seen such a rhythm here in the last few weeks.

As rainy, windy, and cold weather forecasts call for Seattle, we may not know more about New Orleans attack on Monday. But with Smith’s left tackle, we will see this team closer to full power Theron Armstead, Center Eric McCoy, Defensive end Marcus Davenport And line defender Kwon Alexander Everyone is potentially back in the mix.

Defensive tackle David Onimata He will return from deprivation in week 8 Will Lutz Must return soon after returning to training last week. And finally the pass game has to bring back its most important piece – Thomas, who underwent ankle surgery in June. He returned to training last week, his first qualification to be removed from the list of physical disabilities.

“Man, we have a body [of untapped potential]Kamara said. We have played good games on the offensive line, but we have not played our best yet. I know we always say that – but I know what [our best] It seams. And I know Sean knows what he wants to look like. “And many of these people know what it looks like.”

The use of the Camara has been one of the greatest curiosities among saints and followers of fantasy – because he has 125 times more work and 30 less admissions than before. These numbers started to normalize a bit in week 5 (16 hasty attempts, eight goals scored). And when the recipients are healthy and lose some of the injured defense and support attention, they should continue to do so. Tony Jones Jr.. Returns to share some of the workload.

However, when it comes to scrutinizing fans and analysts, Camara has nothing to do with Winston. You do not need to scroll through social media to find hot spots and announce that Saints is blocking Winston or Winston is blocking Saints.

The truth is that it is too early to make any comment. Winston has done a great job so far and has avoided the changes that have plagued him in his first five seasons with the team. Tampa Bay of Buchananers. But he certainly has to find the rhythm that Bryce described.

Winston said the number one thing he wanted to improve after his search in the last week was to throw “smooth” and precise balls under the game to give the receivers more opportunity for post-capture yards. Python said that would be a key in Seattle, especially since the Seahawks are good at limiting explosive performances.

Python does not like the fact that his team finished last in the 20-meter dash as the last person in the NFL. But he said the most important thing is to find the right formula for victory.

“The good news is that I do not have to bring the transcript home for my mother right now,” Python said. “We have a lot of football left.”

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