Damavand Ski
Damavand Mountain is the highest ski resort for ski-touring in Iran and is a popular place for winter hobby. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand is a superb shaped cone volcano that has a narrow snowy summit. This seems as if Mount Fuji within Asia. Mountain Damawand dormant volcano is closely 80 km’s NorthEast of capital Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain light top and its particular stunning common fog up cover is the nearly appealing sight of Iran mountain tops.
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A 14-year-old American takes the worlds, then flashes 5.14a

A 14-year-old American takes the worlds, then flashes 5.14a

Won the national championship of lead and bouldering For his team, a few months later, he became the world champion, bouldering and combination for his team. And then flashed 5.14a.

Anastasia (Annie) Sanders on her way to the World Youth Bouldering Championship in Voronezh, Russia. (Photo: Jan Virt / IFSC)

And he is only 14 years old. Anastasia (Annie) Sanders is having a bad year.

From Fort Worth, Texas, Annie has been climbing all her life. Both of his parents climbed as he grew up.

“My mother brought me to the club before I could even walk,” he said rock climbing. Annie trains for the Texas team and goes to the club five times a week between her online training sessions. He is a first year high school student.

His national victory was not surprising. Annie had already won the lead in 2019. His dominance in the 2021 World Cup, in Voronezh, Russia, Perhaps harder to predict, this was his first international match.

“I really did not expect to reach the semi-finals,” he said.

Upon returning home, Annie went to the Red River Valley, her second trip to the Kentucky Sandstone Sanctuary. He had a big goal: to send 14c. While Annie has not yet dropped 14b, she has also not spent significant time away from home. His coach, Matt Dandy, advised him to try Lucifer, Based on his favorite style: Long Paths of Endurance.

“I did all the moves, but I think it’s very difficult to connect them,” he said. He only tried the route four times.

While he did not manage completely LuciferHis nine-day trip was equivalent to a long field day. His tick list included 11 tracks 5.13 and above (almost all of them blinked or saw) and one of them was 5.14a-Omaha BeachAnd flash

Annie smiles after winning the World Youth Championships in Voronezh, Russia, in the lead, bouldering and combined competitions. (Photo: Jan Virt / IFSC)

I really did not have a specific route in each area we went to. I just got in one direction and then I sent it, and then we went to different areas and I kept doing things.

Looking to the future, Annie hopes to return there Lucifer, Perhaps in the spring, and he is looking forward to next year’s World Cup, which he has automatically qualified for based on this year’s win.

Annie’s friend helped her celebrate her international victories with a medal-shaped cake. We feel that there will be more people in the immediate future.

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Post A 14-year-old American takes the worlds, then flashes 5.14a Appeared first rock climbing.

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