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Mount Damavand is the sky-scraping ski destination for off-piste ski tour in Iran and is a well liked target for sport activitiy. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano that has a narrow snowy smt. It appears to be Mt Fujiyama within Japan, Asia. Mount Damawand dormant volcano is placed about 80 km’s North East of capital city Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand light summit and its lovely regular fog up cap could be the mainly beautiful picture of Iran summits.
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Alex Hanold makes the second ascent of artificial joy (5.13c, 9 pitches) in Red Rock.

Alex Hanold makes the second ascent of artificial joy (5.13c, 9 pitches) in Red Rock.

On December 1, Alex Hanold made the second ascent Artificial happiness (5.13c, not ground) on the wall of the Red Rock rainbow, which went all the way while Pretty Wright was hovering. The track is incredibly crowded, with six pitches 5.13 and two of hard 5.12, and parallel to main pathInfamous two-faced To Eight terrains track a technical sandstone slab before crossing it main path, Shooting to change a single sloping ground, and then ends in main path‘s difficult corners 5.12-.

“It’s surprising that it even goes. Hanold said about this route that it seems impossible.. Hanold said that given its enduring nature, with many fields having several consecutive boulder problems, it believes this is one of the most difficult fields in the country.

(Photo: James Lucas)

The third main ground had a series of boulder problems with edges as small as six millimeters, such as those seen in problems with protruding internal tendons. It’s funny because I always thought those six millimeter edges in the club were a joke, for example, who uses them? When do you keep such a small edge outdoors? Hanold said. “Then I tried this boulder, there are definitely enough six-millimeter edges! This is what you practice for.”

While small edges are included Artificial happinessThe most difficult movements, the full red dot is much greater than the power of the crease. “The crux is the hardest climb on the route, but the 13b ground beneath it is just as difficult because it is very slippery and technical,” Hanold said. And there is a 13b higher that can hardly be reddened because a long endurance pitch is difficult with some equipment. This is a very complex land. “Even if the path is the hardest ground, it is not the hardest part of the path.”

Hanold sent the route after four days of climbing minting, dialing technical sequences and sorting out the thin locations of traditional gears. On the day of his deployment, he fell twice on the second floor, a 40-foot right-hand offset seam, before pulling the rope and firing the rest of the way without falling.

(Photo: James Lucas)

A few weeks before the release of Hanold and Tommy Caldwell What dreams may come (5.13+) To the left of the rainbow wall. Although technically more difficult than Artificial happiness, WDMC is far less stable. WDMC goes to a big boulder problem and then another 5.13 higher corner. There are many more opportunities to fail Artificial happiness, ” Hanold said. The biggest difference, he said, was the very different style of climbing.

“In climbing with Tommy, we tried to free the team, so there’s always a bit of pressure to send you,” Hanold said. If one sends and the other continues to fail, the dynamics of the team change. Do you allow your partner to succeed while switching to support mode? Or will you both come back another day? “Fortunately we were both able to submit it at about the same time, so we were able to climb the route together.”

“rock climbing Artificial happiness It was easier with Preity because he was just supporting [me] So I can focus on my efforts. I did not have to tag the bag. I did not have to delay. I did not have to do extra work. He did everything just for me.

(Photo: James Lucas)

Despite the tight role, Wright said he enjoyed the experience. He wrote on Instagram: “I am very proud to have delayed and fixed the difficult backgrounds and to simulate some of the simpler backgrounds (with micro, and some French). “I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun.”

“I think some people value the ability to guide each ground and place all the equipment and send the path by yourself without falling,” Hanold said, adding that both styles of climbing the Great Wall have obvious advantages and disadvantages. This type needs support. I think it is cooler without the team because it is more like ordinary rock climbing. You and your friend climb to the base of the wall [and] You climb the path together, you turn the clues on any ground. Carry the bag when needed. You have to carry everything. This is definitely more laborious [for the climbers] To the free team. ”

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