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Mount Damavand is the highest for backcountry ski in the Middle-East and is a admired destination for sport interest. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Mountain is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano with a small snowy peak. That appears like Fuji Mountain in Japan. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano is roughly eighty kilometres North-East of capital Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand white peak and its beautiful ordinary fog up hat would be the mainly desirable sight of Iran mountains.
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James Pearson’s top commercial crusher makes its first V15

James Pearson's top commercial crusher makes its first V15

If you did not know before, James Pearson, a commercial crusher, can also crush boulders. Last week, the father of two 36-year-old children was sent Joonro Sit downA V15 inch Albaracin, Spain. This is his toughest boulder problem to date, establishing him as one of the best versatile players in the world.

Although best known for his rock climbing success these days, Pearson first made headlines in 2007, when he was one of the first climbers to make a V13 climb, and then several times in a season. Did. In 2008, Pearson made his first ascent Step of lifeInitially suggested a grade of E12, although it was eventually reduced to E9 (the rating controversy is described in the 2014 film. Salvation: The Story of James Pearson). In 2020, he made the second ascent of Jacopo Larchers Tribe, In Caderese, Italy, which is one of the toughest trade routes in the world and is estimated to be 5.14d. Pearson and his wife, Caroline SiavaldiniA leading mountaineer, he has recently come to prominence for his outspoken portrayal of how parents integrate (or engage) with their mountaineering careers.

Pearson makes the first basic move. The sitting starts where his right foot is. (Photo: @onceuponaclimb)

Pearson traveled to Albaracin with Ciavaldini and their two young children, and immediately set his sights on it. جونروA technical V15 first climbed by Ruben Diaz. Pearson wrote on Instagram that the starter (also rated 8C / V15) posted “relatively fast”, and although the first two movements of sitting are not much of a problem, they make it much harder to complete. . “Like hell, I tried to reconnect everything, and it ended in success, really as close as you could get! I don’t know how many times I fell on the main move from sitting down, but it must have been double digits. »

Pearson had given up everything جونرو بشین Until he left – on one of the last days of his stay in Albaracin. It was raining, and the knee sticks only occasionally stick, and when you do, something else went wrong, and Pearson suddenly found himself on a pillow.

“From a week of climbing almost exclusively because of this problem, I felt tired and weak at the peaks,” he wrote. He kept going down and down, and finally packed up and left. But as he walked out, something told him to come back for the last try.

“Testing day by day is a similar problem, affecting you mentally and physically.” He writes on Instagram. This is a good balance between learning the subtleties of each movement and thus becoming stronger, but actually getting tired and weak in the movements through excessive repetition.

“In my past life, I would have extended our trip, taken a week off and come back, probably just because of some kind of performance anxiety. “Today, with Arthur returning to school and having a full family to think about, I do not have the luxury of almost endless time.”

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When Pearson tried Joonro Sit down Last time, he half-expected to fall with each subsequent move. But somehow, when he reached the top, he was still on the wall. In the video he posted, Pearson puts a thin heel hook, then attaches the knee bar to the crease before hitting it, and then taps it to the edge: You can hear the disbelief in his own voice as he sees the end in his eyes. . “When I got it and realized that everything was stuck, I was suddenly back here and now, immediately from what I had done, but also how tired I was.”

Check out the video:

Post James Pearson’s top commercial crusher makes its first V15 Appeared first rock climbing.

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