Damavand Ski
Damavand Iran is the great vertical extent ski slope for skiing in Persia and is a popular destination for winter sport activitiy. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand is a great symmetrical cone volcano that has a thin snowy smt. This seems as if Fuji-san inside Japan. Volcano Damavand dormant volcano sits approx eighty kilometres northeast of Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Mt Damavand white summit and its particular gorgeous regular cloud cover will be the most beautiful sight of Iran mountains.
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Mountaineering and outdoor news from here and abroad – 11/21/18

North West:

–Snowbrains reports that “Climate change has led to many predictions about the future of the ski industry. A warning study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers suggests that there may be enough snow to ski on Mount Hood each year “It does not exist. 50 years and that the waterfalls may not have snow until 2070.” For further reading, click here.

A new movement is taking place in British Columbia to protect Mount Waddington and turn it into a non-motorized park on the coast. To read about it, click here.


–Gripped reports that “Brett Harrington identified his El Captain project with a 31-field El Corazon 5.13b. Harrington climbed with Elliott Bernhagen, who sent almost all the way.” For further reading, click here.

Southwest Desert:

–Climbing reports that “Las Vegas lost a legend when Wendell Broussard, 81, died in mid-October. He was a lifelong adventurer, master storyteller and coach. Wendel in 6 and 4 minutes And at the same time it was beautiful: for almost 50 years he worked as a dealer at Caesar’s Palace at night, during the day he was the architect of the canyons in the Red Rock Canyon, with about 100 ascents for the first time, but Wendell’s legacy is much greater. “He left a plan for himself. For a full life, he shows that the goal is not just to survive, but to progress.” Wendell always had a story to tell and will miss it. For further reading, click here.

– Someone leaves painted rocks all over Carlsbad Cave National Park in New Mexico, and the park service wants to stop. For further reading, click here.

Notes from around the world:
Lor Saburin mountaineering in the Red River Strait
Picture of them / them by Patagonia Films
–If you have not seen the fascinating Patagonia movie about non-binary climber and AAI guide Lor Saborin, then you shouldWatch it now! An article about the film and Lor was recently published by CNN. To read it,click here.
–Gear Junkie reports that “Petzl has issued a call for every Eshook Scorpio via ferrata strap delivered this year. Carabiner gates may close automatically and make the system unsafe.” For further reading, click here.
–Peakrankings reports that “a traditional ski slope will disappear forever from all the mountains of Vail Resorts. A source at the company has confirmed to PeakRankings that physical envelope route maps after the company suspended them for 2020 Do not return to Vail resorts.21 Because of Covid, guests are advised to bring mountain guides to the EpicMix app or separate resort websites, and the company says choosing not to re-introduce route maps is an environmental choice. “The title is part of the zero-sum commitment, with concerns about the use of paper and the appropriate virtual alternatives that advance decision-making.” For further reading, click here.
– Forest fires have a greater impact on mountaineering. Check out Access the inbox blog About how the growing threat is affecting our favorite sport.
The price of one-day tickets for the elevator walk is unpleasant …

The New York Times reports that “In August 2018, Mark Lantis’s mother left him on a path in Yellowstone National Park to search for the treasure trove of a strange millionaire. Lantis eventually needed a helicopter. He was banned from attending Yellowstone National Park for five years and fined $ 2,880 for paying for the rescue. Or they may be hiding from rescuers. click here.

“Despite years of widespread harassment across the agency and promising to take action, the National Park Service buried an internal study that shed new light on the problem,” High Country News reports. News confirmed. The Voices Tour Report, compiled in 2018, goes beyond any previous NPS report and explains how women, LGBTQ + and blacks, Indigenous people and people of color are treated in the workplace and not protected by the IAEA leadership. . In early November, an employee leaked information. Report to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), who warned HCN. For further reading, click here.

–Deadline reports that “the tragedy in the Tibetan Himalayas occurred on October 5, 1999, when an avalanche killed two Americans, including Alex Lowe, arguably the world’s most important mountaineer. The casualties were incalculable. For the mountaineering community, however, something worse for the family Lou left behind: Jennifer’s wife and their three young sons, Max, Sam and Isaac, who grew up as a filmmaker, trying to cope with his father’s death and everything. “What happened next in the National Geographic documentary Torn.” For further reading, click here.

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