Damavand Ski
Damavand Volcano is the biggest ski resort for off-piste ski in West-Asia and is a admired place for winter sport entertainment. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand is a great shaped cone volcano with a small snowy top. That appears to be Fuji-san Mountain in Japan. Volcano Damavand dormant volcano is nearly eighty kilometres North East of Tehran within the northern Persian plateau. Mount Damavand white summit and its particular beautiful common cloud cover may be the almost attractive picture of Iran peaks.
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Mountaineering for all six instructors who are ready to diversify mountaineering

Mountaineering for all six instructors who are ready to diversify mountaineering

More than 120 photographers applied for the Climbing For All Photography Guide, Will be held from November 2021 to March 2022. This app is free for attendees, an initiative by adidas Terrex rock climbing To diversify representation in the mountaineering media and to participate in low-level mountaineering communities. During the coaching period, each of the selected mantis is encouraged to take mountaineering photos and once every two weeks they send their best photos to the instructors who review the works and provide feedback.

Instructors included National Geography photographer Keith Ladzinski, professional photographer Irene Yi، Mountaineering Art director Randall Levensler, And the editorial staff of Climbing For All aims to improve the skills of each student and publish their best photos in our annual. Rise Edition, in the spring of 2022. rock climbing It will also publish an online gallery. At the end of the program, six instructors are encouraged to continue with the help of the mountaineering media to make it more representative and receptive to all climbers.

And, Drammell, the six selected mints are: Jenny Walters of Richmond, Virginia. Rudel Korobin of Egan, Minnesota; Sabrina Claros of Downey, California; Felipe Tapia Nordenflicht of Golden, Colorado; Jason Cowan of Palos Verdes Estates, California; And Hansack Ho of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Thanks to everyone who applied, and look forward to seeing great mountaineering photography on this website and in print. rock climbing Of the six coaches

Meet the coaches

Irene: Irene is a professional rock and adventure photographer working on the West Coast. He started rock climbing out of pure joy and soon picked up a camera. Her focus is on promoting women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA2 + communities. Find inspiration in those who are interested in muscle.




Kate Ladzinski: Kit is one National Geography Amy fiancé photographer and director. His work focuses mainly on natural history, climate change, intense sports, fine arts, and advertising campaigns. Kate is a founding member of the Sea Legacy suite and has worked for clients around the world, including Apple, Disney, Google, Nike, Toyota, Adidas, and the Opera Network. , Canon, Discovery, Subaru, Red Bull, The North Face, OPPO, New York Times and National Geographic TV.


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