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Damavand Iran is the highest ski resort for ski-touring in Iran and is a popular place for winter activitiy. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Mt. Damavand is a good shaped cone volcano having a thin snowy smt. It seems like Fuji-san Mountain inside Japan. Mount Damavand dormant volcano sits closely eighty km’s North East of capital city Tehran in the northern Iranian plateau. Mt. Damavand white-colored summit and its beautiful common cloud cap will be the almost interesting look of Iran summits.
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Rooney, Schmeichel, Giggs: The best line-up in the history of Manchester United

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Rooney, Schmeichel, Giggs: The best line-up in the history of Manchester United

Rooney, Eshmichael, Giggs. What is the best combination in the history of Manchester United? Manchester United is the biggest and most famous club in the history of English football. Collect unprecedented trophies that include 20 league titles, 12 cups and three European titles in your name.

Manchester United has such a great history and many great players have emerged from that great history.

From players like Steve Bruce to David Beckham, Manchester United have produced some of the most lucrative and special English footballers.

With that in mind, here’s a look at Manchester United’s eleven history:

Rooney, Schmeichel, Giggs: The best line-up in the history of Manchester United

Peter Eshmichael

What about Big Dean that has not been mentioned before? Eshmichael arrived in Manchester in 1991 and played seven more seasons at Old Trafford.

He recorded 128 clean sheets in the Premier League in 310 games, while he recorded 169 clean sheets in 376 games in all competitions for the Red Devils.

He won five Premier League titles, seven domestic cups and two European Cups. He has also been part of Treble since 1999.

Schmeichel, a brilliant theatrical lover, was a magnificent figure in the woods. At 6 feet 3 inches tall, he was rarely beaten in the air during his career.

Only Edwin van der Sar can compete with his position as the best goalkeeper in United history, but Eshmichael was on another level in terms of his symbolism.

Dennis Erwin

Dennis Irwin and Patrice Evra both have good reasons to be on the list by tossing coins into the left-back position.

However, I am looking for Irwin in this case because of his strong ability to move forward and defend at such a high level for a player with limitations.

He played a total of 529 times for United from 1990 to 2002, scoring 37 goals and 23 assists in all competitions during his 12 years at Old Trafford.

Irwin, who was one of the best teams to emerge from Manchester United, won seven Premier League titles, six domestic cups and four European Cups, including one Champions League from their three-season season.

Greater United and the Republic of Ireland, he was so good that Sir Alex Ferguson admitted in 2013 that Irwin “It will be a definite case to be in the team” (When we talk about one of the eleven United teams)

Now who am I to argue with Ferguson?

Nemanja Vidic


Vidic, who was part of the best midfield pair with Rio Ferdinand, was an attacking defender between the two who was good at throwing his body around.

With 211 Premier League appearances for United from 2006 to 2014, Vidic is the only defender in Premier League history to win two Player of the Year awards. He also reached the PFA Team of the Year in four different positions.

Win 5 Premier Leagues, 8 domestic cups and two European cups in 8 seasons.

While he received moments of insanity, receiving eight red cards and 58 yellow cards, he will remain one of the greatest and scariest defenders in United history.

Rio Ferdinand


Ferdinand, who captained United during his career, joined United from Leeds for a record Ω…ΫŒΩ„ΫŒΩˆΩ† 30 million at the time.

He played 455 club games and scored 8 goals in the process.

Ferdinand, a defender with speed, finesse and clever reading of the game, is United’s best center-back, and he undoubtedly partnered with Nemanja Vidic, which led to the pair winning most of everything.

Gary Neville

Joining the club in 1991, Neville became United’s best full-back after 20 years at the club.

Neville was never a player to play in attack, scoring seven goals in his 602 club appearances for the club. Singing and solitary in his approach.

After retiring in 2011, Neville captained United for two decades at the club and won many league titles. Having won eight of United’s 13 Premier League titles, he has won several domestic and European trophies as a United champions.

Roy Kane


Kane, who captained Manchester United for most of his most successful career in the club’s history, was the catalyst for United’s lead in many of his toughest battles on the pitch.

Stubborn Kane, with 480 appearances and 51 goals from 1993 to 2005, was a monster to play against.

While he could do a lot of things with the ball, it was his leadership qualities and general intimidation that were his best qualities. He has won 13 major honors, including seven Premier League titles during his 12 years at Old Trafford. He will remain the most influential player in their history.

Paul Scholes


Prince Ginger, known by many during his 22-year career at Old Trafford, Scholes was an incredibly talented footballer who excelled in passing.

Scholes achieved everything with the club by playing 718 games for the club and scoring 155 goals. Win 20 important trophies, 11 of which are Premier League champions.

His ability to hit accurate passes from deep was his greatest characteristic, he could also hit a 30-year-old shouter from time to time.

While his tackle was suspicious, his pure aggression and level of work often overshadowed his shortcomings. His control over the ball was also spectacular. Scholes’s wrong pass is rare.

Even at the age of 37, he helped United win their twentieth league title and retired to give Ferguson one last time.

Ryan Giggs


A club man, Ryan Giggs spent 26 years as a Manchester United player, making his debut in 1991.

With 963 amazing games for United, he scored 168 goals for the club and won 25 great honors, 13 of which were Premier League titles.

As a young man, Giggs was a ruthless and exciting player, skilled and extremely fast with the ball at his feet, he was a dynamic left-hander, although he adapted to his career and played in many situations.

It will be his lifetime that puts him on the list of many people and it is hard to argue with him.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is without a doubt the best player in the history of Manchester United (in terms of ability), a superstar of his kind.

Ronaldo, who started as a weak and violent 18-year-old Portuguese winger, made his debut in 2003 against Bolton Wanderers at Old Trafford. It took him at least two seasons to grow properly, but when he did, it was unstoppable.

He won the Ballon d’Or in 2008, being the best player in the world during his time at Manchester United, and with 127 goals in 303 games, he left 8 great honors during his time in England.

Strong, fast, skilled and a monster in the air, Ronaldo was a problem for many Premier League defenders in his first appearance in England. By adapting more to a striker, Ronaldo has created and will continue to create many moments in the clutch during his career.

Now at the age of 36, Ronaldo has returned to England and hopes to rediscover the same success he had in all of them years ago.

Eric Cantona


Eric Cantona is never a man who shuns attention or controversy, he’s like a legend in the Manchester United consciousness.

Cantona, who was part of United’s big teams from the early to mid-1990s, was a strong, optimistic and clinical striker with the ball in his foot.

He only intimidated his opponents with his presence and gave United another option in their already established offensive line.

While he played only 182 games from 1992 to 1997, scoring 82 goals, the main reason was why Manchester United won four league titles in five years with two FA Cups.

Wayne Rooney


The best player in the history of Manchester United. Wayne Rooney became Manchester United’s top scorer with 253 goals, while with 208 goals he is the second highest scorer in the history of the Premier League.

Rooney was one of the best youngsters to come out of England with speed and strength. Joining United in 2004 from Everton’s childhood club, he scored a hat-trick in his first game against Fenerbahce in the Champions League, and from there, those goals continued until he left in 2017.

Having won 12 major honors during his time at Old Trafford, his recent spell at Manchester has been filled with ongoing injuries and playing as a deep midfielder and sometimes as a defensive midfielder.

He will be remembered for finishing, scoring goals, working with players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Robin van Persie, and the pure attack that made him flourish in the early years of his life.

Rooney, Schmeichel, Giggs: The best line-up in the history of Manchester United

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