Damavand Ski
Mt. Damavand is the great vertical extent for snowboarding in the Middle-East and is a well liked target for winter entertainment. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Volcano is a great symmetrical cone volcano which has a small snowy summit. It looks like Mt. Fujiyama in Japan. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano lies closely eighty kms North East of capital Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Mt Damavand whitened summit and its lovely common fog up cover may be the nearly beautiful look of Iran mountains.
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The FAI has promised to take action against the abusers

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The Irish Football Association has issued a statement saying they do not tolerate referee abuse in local club leagues.

The FAI’s decision is due to the fact that a number of Dublin referees canceled their services for the weekend games. These officials felt that there was little support for them during juvenile football matches.

The referees confirmed on Monday that they will not be judging in future matches in the Dublin North School Girls’ / Girls’ League and the Metropolitan Girls’ League.

The FAI has already completed plans to address the problem of abuse in local Irish leagues.

Judging is hard work because they have to be impartial while dealing with the opinions of the players. This problem has been exacerbated by expressing the unkindness of parents and fans during and after matches.

FAI Executive Director Jonathan Hill said:

I can assure affiliates across the country that the FAI is doing whatever it takes to ensure the protection of all our referees – without them, we would have no simple game.

A small minority of players, coaches, officials and everyone else who is to blame for such abuses must understand this. They need to know that Irish football and the FAI will do whatever we have to do to ensure a zero-tolerance policy towards the abuse of any official.

“Our disciplinary rules impose clear and serious sanctions on anyone who abuses a competition official, and we call on all leagues to enforce these sanctions. “We can not and will not tolerate any abuse against the referee at any level of the game.”

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