Damavand Ski
Damavand Iran is the giant ski resort for backcountry ski mountaineering in Iran and is a favored place for winter interest. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Mountain is a superb symmetrical cone volcano with a thin snowy smt. This appears to be Fuji-san inside Japan. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is closely 80 kilometres North-East of capital Tehran within the north Persian plateau. Volcano Damavand bright peak and its lovely regular cloud cap may be the mainly attractive sight of Iran summits.

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The Camogie Association has announced the final list of GPA Player of the Year awards in three categories

The Player of the Year award is given to a player’s outstanding achievement. This extends to players in the adult, middle and junior championships across Ireland.

Hilda Breslin, president of the Camogie Association, said of the announcement:

“Congratulations to the nominees for Player of the Year. It is a great honor to be nominated and recognized by your peers for your outstanding contribution in 2021.

The Camogie Association is pleased to continue our partnership with the GPA this year at these awards and we look forward to celebrating all of our players’ achievements.

This year’s nominees are as follows:

Final list of the best player of the year:

Avife Donho (Galway), Niam Kilkenny (Galway), Hannah Looney (Cork)

Final list of the best player of the year for average players:

Sarah Crowley (Kilkenny), Mayo Kelly (Antrim), Rosin McCormick (Antrim)

The final list of the best player of the year for Premier Junior players:

Aydin Brennan (Wexford), Kidney Cash (Wexford), Ciara Donnelly (Armagh)


Players who are members of an intercity panel and have participated in this year’s championship can vote on the final list.

The Camogie Association will announce the overall winners on the night of the Camogie Star Awards on November 26.

GPA CEO Tom Parsons said before the awards ceremony:

The GPA is pleased to once again be working with the Camogie Association to acknowledge individual excellence in the Camogie 2021 Championship.

I would like to salute the efforts of each of the nominees for the Stars Award and thank them for their commitment and the entertainment they have provided for all of us. “Being recognized for your personal performance in a team environment is undoubtedly an honor for everyone involved, so I want to congratulate all the nominees for Best Player of the Year and best wishes.”

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