Damavand Ski
Mt. Damavand is the great vertical extent ski area for ski-touring in the Middle-East and is a favored area for winter activitiy. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Iran is a great shaped cone volcano that has a thin snowy peak. This seems like Fujiyama in Asia. Mt Damavand dormant volcano is roughly 80 kms north-east of capital Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand bright summit and its particular gorgeous regular fog up cover would be the mainly appealing picture of Iran mountains.

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The best Arsenal players in the history of the Premier League

Kicking a New series of top five players In the history of the Premier League for their respective clubs, and then we look at the top 5 Arsenal players in the history of the Premier League.

5. Ian Wright (1991-1998)

The former popular player, who became an expert, is an Arsenal legend. He joined the club in 1991 after six years Crystal PalaceWright made an immediate impact, scoring in his first club game and also scoring a hat-trick in his first league game against Southampton.

Wright eventually scored 24 goals in the league with Arsenal, for a total of 29 goals. Five of these 29 goals were scored with the Crystal Palace shirt. The former England international was one of the most complete strikers of his time at Arsenal. Wright, with his speed and ability to score with both feet, could terrify the defenders every day of the week.

He scored his first goal for Arsenal in his second season – the FA Cup – in a 2-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday, where Wright scored the opening goal of the game.

Wright not only won five awards at the end of his time at Arsenal, including the 1998 Premier League title, but also He also left Highbury as Arsenal’s all-time leading goalscorer with 185 goals.

Wright, in his current role as an expert, repeats Arsenal at every opportunity, and remains a respected player and character at Arsenal.

4. Tony Adams (1983-2002)

Tony Adams is one of the most legendary captains in Arsenal history – and I feel guilty for putting him in only fourth place on the list for his extraordinary achievements – but I’m sure you’ll see when you see the top three!

Mr. Arsenal, who has spent all 19 years of his career at Arsenal, is one of five Arsenal legends to be immortalized in the form of a statue outside the Emirates Stadium.

Adams is the only English player Soccer The history of winning a team title in three different decades – which is truly amazing. The former England international was a symbol of what a center-back should be and what a leader should be. No nonsense, aggressive, confident – these are just a few adjectives to describe Adams.

He is also the creator of one of football’s great quotes:

Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they will remember the name on the back of the shirt.

You can’t describe the great Tony Adams better than this!

3. Patrick Vieira (1996-2005)

In my opinion, Patrick Vieira is one of the top three midfielders in the history of the Premier League. The man could do absolutely anything. He was a physically strong man who played Futsal I think all his life people seem to forget. Vieira came to Arsenal just two years after starting his career in Cannes, France.

We saw the growth and development of a player who became one of the best in his position and consolidated his legacy as a true great.

Vieira won three Premier League titles and four FA Cups, as well as two doubles. He was also selected for the PFA Premier League squad for six consecutive years (1999-2004), which is amazing when you understand the depth of the midfield position that Vieira played for.

Vieira was also named the Premier League Player of the Season in 2001 and is just one of only three French players to have won the award alongside former team-mates Thierry Henry and Chelsea main player Angolo Conte. Vieira is a player that Arsenal have tried (and failed to replace) several times since his departure in 2006, and it remains to be seen whether they can ever replace someone like Patrick Vieira.

2. Dennis Bergkamp (1995-2006)

Dennis Bergkamp, ​​who arrived a year earlier than Patrick Vieira, is as legendary as his French counterpart and was an integral part of Arsenal’s rise to becoming a major Premier League side under Arsene Wenger.

Bergkamp “The Dutchman who did not fly”, who was affectionately called by Arsenal fans for fear of flying, had a great start to his career at Arsenal and failed to score in his first six league games and was criticized by the national media. Took. The Dutchman recovered from the recession and finished the season with 11 goals in 33 games.

In the following seasons, Bergkamp, ​​along with Ian Wright, became one of Arsenal’s main threats, scoring 16 goals in 28 games in the 1997/98 season, his first trophy for the North London club.

However, Bergkamp was much more than a goal. His intelligence about Soccer The ground, his vision, and just the absolute glow that must be seen on TV, and His victory in the first two seasons of Arsenal won the PFA Player of the Year award.

Along with Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp is one of five players immortalized outside the UAE that will never be forgotten by Arsenal fans.

1. Thierry Henry (1999-2006)

In my humble opinion, Thierry Henry is the best player to ever play in the Premier League … and I am almost certain to have admitted this in previous articles. He is also one of The best French players of all time, Without a doubt.

Like Bergkamp, ​​Henry had a difficult start to his career at Arsenal after failing to score in his first eight games and receiving 11 11million.

Henry himself admitted that he had to be “re-taught everything about the art of hitting.” And the boy did it! He finished his first season with 26 goals in all competitions and then ran for about 6 and a half years and was consistently one of the best players in the world.

Henry played a key role in Arsenal’s doubles in the 2001/02 season and achieved statistical greatness the following season.

Henry scored 24 goals and provided 20 assists in a season previously unprecedented for a striker. The Frenchman set a goal-scoring record in his name and 18 years later is still unbroken, and Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City has broken the record for equality in the 2019/2019 season.

Perhaps the record that Henry is most proud of – and breaking – is Ian Wright’s record for Arsenal’s goalscoring record. Henry ended his career at Arsenal (both times) with 228 goals.

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