Damavand Ski
Mt Damavand is the towering ski destination for backcountry ski in the Middle-East and is a popular area for winter entertainment. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Iran is a great shaped cone volcano with a narrow snowy smt. This looks like Mt Fuji in Japan. Mount Damavand dormant volcano lies nearly eighty kms North East of capital city Tehran in the northern Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain bright top and its particular stunning regular fog up hat will be the mainly desirable view of Iran peaks.
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Tyrone SFC Semi-Final – Previews, Where to Watch

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LCC Tyrone Adult Football Championship The semi-finals take place this weekend as four teams – Drummer, Origal Siaran, Trilik and Qualisland Na Fiana – seek to book their place in the County Final.

Drummer and Trilik will face each other in the first leg of the Tyrone Adult Semifinals on Saturday, October 30 at 7:15 pm at O’Neill Healy Park in Omag.

Errigal Ciaran and Coalisland Na Fianna will face each other to determine who has the right to face Saturday semi-final winner in Pomero on Sunday, October 31 at 2:45 p.m.

Both games are part of a two-on-one game with the two semi-finals of Tyrone Central Football.

Owen Ro O’Neill will face Gortin St. Patrick in the first half of the semi-finals before the Drummer and Trilogy in Omag at 4:45 p.m.

Rock St Patrick’s and Moortown St Malachy’s will play their second midweek match before the match between Errgial Ciaran and Coalisland Na Fianna in Pomeroy at 12:30 p.m.

Drummer vs. Trilik

Trillick is looking for a third consecutive final and a second Tyrone SFC title in three years, but Drummer, who is looking for his first O’Neill Cup title in a decade, has stood in their way.

This year, the two teams will reach the semi-finals of this year by winning their previous two games.

Drummer Dungannon defeated Thomas Clark by four points to meet Eglish St Patrick’s.

The three-time adult football champion Tyrone reached the semi-finals after defeating England by two points.

On the other hand, Trilik won both games without an offensive absence and scored three goals in each.

They defeated Pierce by five points with two goals in the second half that overwhelmed their opponent.

He then defeated Kiliklager in a dramatic quarter-final victory to reach the final four.

The 14-point win with three more goals sent a statement of intent to the other three teams still competing.

Errigal Ciaran – Coalisland Na Fianna

Origal Siaran, who defeated Drummer in the 2012 final, has been looking for his first city championship victory since then, and in the process will face the 2018 winner, Qualisland Na Fiana.

The finalists of 2019, Origal Siaran, have achieved two significant victories in this year’s part of this competition.

A 14-point win over Clono O’Reilly and an 8-point win in the quarter-finals against Loughmacrory St Teresa’s underscored their team’s strength this year, which ended with three goals in two games.

Coalisland defeated Na Fianna in the first round in an exciting game with seven goals and reached the semi-finals in a nail-biting match against Crickmore.

The team did not win as convincingly as its opponents and received 11 points more than them.

Where to watch

The match between Drummer and Trailer will be broadcast live on RTÉ 2 from 19:00 on Saturday.

The second semi-final between Errgial Ciaran and Coalisland will be available for viewing Live.

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