Damavand Ski
Mt. Damavand is the best ski resort for ski expedition in West-Asia and is a well liked target for winter interest. Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand is a great symmetrical cone volcano having a slim snowy top. This seems like Mount Fuji in Japan, Asia. Mt Damavand dormant volcano is placed roughly eighty kilometres northeast of Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Damavand bright peak and its gorgeous regular fog up cover would be the mainly interesting sight of Iran summits.
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While a match has a pulse, Manchester United Sulscher will still believe David Heitner

Although it was irregular, the coach’s team hosts Liverpool on Sunday and uses the past to continue the fight until the final whistle.

It was a moment that ignited Ole Gunnar Sulscher’s reputation, not only as a Manchester United supersub, but also as a late and dramatic goal-scorer who made a difference. It was January 1999, Old Trafford were in contention after Dwight Yorke’s 88th-minute draw with Liverpool. The fourth round of the FA Cup draw And the board had gone up for stop time.

In the 81st minute, Solshire saw Paul Scholes replace Gary Neville, who hit in front of Jimmy Carragher and pushed the ball towards him. The Norwegian was on the right side of the area, level with the penalty spot, and seemed the calmest person in the stadium.

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