The world is always talking about the most expensive and weird cars. When it comes to these cars, these motorcycles are there. You do not see that people talk a lot about their bikes and it is a pity because there should be more talk about bicycles. Bicycles are probably the best vehicle around. They are great in every way you can think of. They do not consume any fuel, which means that they do not cause any pollution in your environment. You can always ride with ease so as not to damage the space in which you live.

Secondly, it is the vehicles that oblige the riders to do certain things. Constant pedaling keeps riders safe and sound. Among the different types of bikes, you have a mountain bike. As the name implies, these bikes have to be ridden in the mountains. They often have a very strong frame and at the same time light weight and have tires with deep tread. There are gears on them that make adjustments when climbing or descending a mountain. Here are the top 4 mountain bikes on the market ready for you to choose from:

Yeti SB5C Beti

This amazing mountain bike can take you up and down the mountains without any effort. The first thing you will notice about it is that its frame is made of light carbon. This mountain bike is famous for having one of the best suspension systems under your feet, and with such amazing specifications, it does not make any task for you to climb a mountain. It has a dripper chair, which is always the most recommended by experts. Experts believe that it may be a little difficult for you to adjust to the rain at first, but it will affect you over time.

Marine attack route 9

This amazing mountain bike has several components that may not be well known in North America. For example, the suspension of this bike is made by a French manufacturer. But if you have been in contact with Marin Attack Trail 9, you will find that its suspension is one of the best available. Experimenters have claimed that this bike may not be the best available, but the unique selection of parts on the bike makes it a new experience for most cyclists.

Pew Mach 429 sequel

If you have ridden a 29-inch bike before, you say it is not a 29-inch bike. The reality is different because it really is a 29-inch bike, but it is made in a way that does not look like it. On this bike, your rear suspension is 116 mm. You will not feel any unpleasant movement in this bike due to the amazing suspension system, ie DW Link design. This is not the most expensive or cheapest mountain bike available, but once you get it, keep it for a long time.

Juliana Fortado

Working with mint color on this bike is the first thing you will notice. While this bike was not the most impressive last year, this year it is definitely the bike. The handlebars of this bike are 176 mm huge and the ride on this bike is smooth with 130 mm of travel. If you are planning to travel on rocky terrain, this is the bike you want to ride. The good thing is that Juliana has chosen different packages for buyers. You can get a very cheap package under $ 4,000 or an expensive package over $ 8,000.

Source by Waqar Hasan