When cycling, it is normal for your face to turn red. However, there are many ways to deal with this problem. Some of these methods can be done before riding at home and others can be used during the ride. Also, there are tricks that may not help prevent redness on the face, but can get rid of it quickly. With a little effort, your skin can get rid of a lot of pain and severe redness. Here are five essential tips for planning a mountain bike ride.

1. Eat wisely before leaving

The first part can be done at home and this is by eating food that does not affect your temperature and blood vessels. By eliminating spicy foods, such as curry and chili, for a week before the trip, and replacing them with things like apples, melons and spinach, you will find that your skin is in much better shape even before you start. Cycling alone does not prevent redness, but it is a step in the right direction.

2. Medication

Like other types of hot flashes, there are medications available. Medication may not be ideal for mild burns, but for deeper cases, great progress can be made. Products that help dilute blood vessels, such as clonidine or beta blockers, make the face look much more natural in a short time. Make sure the instructions are read carefully to avoid damage.

3. Drink plenty of water to cool down

Just by keeping it cool, you will notice that your face is not too red. Drink plenty of water, and although this can have its own problems, it makes your skin soft and pink. Not only does it counteract the redness of the face, it also helps keep your whole body hydrated.

4. Change your beauty diet.

It may seem strange not to do all you can to make sure your skin silk is soft, but reducing the peeling regimen is in your best interest. This means that your skin is much less likely to be overly sensitive and exposed to sunlight. Any tan you get will be painful and unpleasant instead of cool and light brown instead of red.

5. Reuse sunscreen

The best option is to be able to run the program again every two hours while mountain biking. While the wind is blowing – and the feeling of staying cool is emphasized when riding a mountain bike – it can deceive you into believing that the sun is not hot enough to burn you. There is a huge difference between the color of a fixed re-application and the one that does not bother.


All in all, one would expect that in some of the more difficult parts of the ride, you would get short of breath and blush a little, but that does not mean you ignore it. Follow the above five tips and you can enjoy the ride.

Source by Shaon Hossain Opu