Skiing – It looks very interesting and exciting when you watch programs on TV. I wish you knew how to ski. Here is a fact check: skiing is, in fact, a relatively dangerous sport. I definitely like the adrenaline rush in other sports. But there are only things about this sport that simply do not suit me. Let me tell you five reasons to hate skiing:

This is a scary sport – If you have ever skied, you know that just before you go down the slope, everyone stands around and clumsily looks at their maps because they are holding those big gloves. Well, not because I hate skiing. Actually waiting to go down the slope. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me. Not as bad as you might think sometimes, but waiting to catch your breath and get ready to ski is the hard part.

Cold winter cold – I hate the cold, that’s why I prefer to go to the beach in a tropical country in winter. But no, I find myself in a icy mountain that is even worse than winter at home. Yes, my face is numb and I can feel the cold right through my bones. The only relief is when I can finally get back to the resort.

صدمات Falling is part of learning to ski. Even professionals still lose their balance at the same time. Well, in my case, I was able to shave my eyes, bruise my cheek, and pound my nose so hard that it bled. Nothing is really serious because I know my limitations. But I hate being injured. Not fun at all

it is expensive – Once, I decided, that’s it. I will try skiing, so I hired a coach. The coach I got was intimate enough, but confident enough, to no avail. First we crossed the slopes of the kindergarten, which was good. Finding yourself in the children’s ward is not exactly my cup of tea. And when it comes to testing harder slopes, words just beat me, I’m scared of heights.

Everyone says it’s easy – That’s why I find myself on a ski slope in the first place. Everyone insists that this is easy, fun and a great sport to do every year. Meanwhile, my heart is pounding in my stomach as those around me think about what a good day it is to ski.

So that’s it. Five reasons I hate skiing. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. Heh, probably thousands of people around the world go through this nightmare with their families every year. Wait though, some people can handle it. In fact, some even fall in love with skiing.

Source by Jason Kay