A collectible water bottle is a useful and low-consumption water container that you can easily travel with and on trips. When not in use, it folds up to 20% of its actual size. You can use folding bottles to carry drinking water on the go. It is usually made of non-toxic and food grade materials such as polyethylene, plastic, silicone or PP. Suitable for camping, picnics, field trips and hiking, as you can easily carry them in your backpack. These bottles are available in different sizes. 480 ml is among the typical samples, there are other sizes, large and small for different purposes.

Advantages of folding water bottle:

• Has less space if empty than regular hard bottles.

• It is environmentally friendly and keeps the environment clean.

• Better and cheaper than regular bottles

• Easy to wash and clean.

• Can be used to freeze water without freezing, or you can store it in the freezer.

• It is very easy to use.

It weighs up to 80% less than regular hard plastic bottles.

• Detachable, refillable and recyclable.

• Easy to carry.

• Very strong and durable.

• Can easily fit in your pocket, bag, backpack or purse.

• Thanks to its writing level, it is easily recognizable.

• Completely BPA free.

Uses of folding water bottles:

Collapsible bottles are useful in any place where you need to store highly portable liquid. In general, it may be used:

• As a public water carrier. Suitable for climbers, travelers, boaters, climbers, long cyclists and travelers for backpacks.

• As part of a survival kit, vehicle kit and travel kit in the back country.

Great for gyms, schools, sports teams, boy scouts and girl guides.

• Can be used as a product for advertising purposes, advertising (logo) as well as as a gift.

User Reviews:

Here are some customer reviews.

“We love portability, and the fact that you can freeze it is great for traveling and keeping cool in the summer. Plus, a truck that is portable from manufacturer to seller is as full as nine trucks full of Hard water bottles carry bottles and add to them. Environmental beliefs. “Yoyomama.ca

“This is great. I always need ice packs during the day and it works very well when you freeze the water in it. You get a good chill when you melt a cold bottle, no need to worry about sticky mystery.” “Goo, which comes out of other ice packs and can be easily weighed down after thawing. Genius. Thank you!”

Folding bottles are cool in every way: they are cheaper, lighter, bigger, healthier, and therefore, a significant improvement over conventional bottles. Surely having at least one of these is always very valuable at home!

Source by Amy Strong