In our previous article, we talked about four practical points that if you want to have a safe and enjoyable mountaineering experience, you can consider them religiously.

In this article, we specifically mentioned climbing the highest peak in a country as one of the most popular destinations for this type of outdoor activity. In the second part of the article, we will discuss six more tips that will help you prepare better for that great climb you have planned for.

So check out the following tips for that great mountaineering adventure:

1. Let there be light. You can never be sure that your path will be clear enough when you climb during the day. With so many trees and boulders, your path is likely to get dark. Also, you will definitely be there even at night. With this situation, you should have several flashlights or headlights with you. These are important mountaineering tools. Don’t forget it.

2. A first aid kit is also essential in your equipment. When you are out for mountaineering, there is a possibility of accident and you will get cuts and bruises. Put an adhesive bandage and tape, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, and a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide or iodine disinfectant in your first aid kit.

3. Avoid dehydration, so have plenty of water with you. When you walk to the top of a mountain, thirst is certainly an inevitable occurrence. Therefore, you should have plenty of water with you.

4. Have your savior in hand – adhesive tape! Experts have always advised that an adhesive tape roll can be your best friend because it helps you save anything that is broken. For example, if there was a strong wind overnight and part of your tent was torn, just take a piece of tape and cover the damaged part with it. Viola! Your tent is fixed

5. Enjoy the climb. Walking is not the only conquest of the mountain. It’s also about enjoying each site and the sound you encounter on the way up. Therefore, you should enjoy the scenery and the plants and animals that you see when you move your legs and buttocks upwards.

6. Be a responsible climber. To climb whatever you bring with you, you have to bring it back to where you came from. This means that everything, including your trash, should not be left there.

Enjoy your mountaineering experience!

Source by Jenny Grace Molbog-Mendoza