Single speed

The single-speed bike is something that seems to have no change. Pedal forward and you go forward. Single-speed cruisers usually have caster brakes. This means that you brake when you push the pedal back. Single speed cruisers are suitable for flat areas. They are also easy to ride because there are no complications in transportation. There is usually less maintenance because you do not have to worry about brake lines, brake lines or multiple gears. Single speeds are great for lower speed cruises in flat areas. To climb hills or faster speeds change direction. Then it’s time to look at a 3-speed or 7-speed coastal cruiser.

3. Speed

A 3-speed cruiser in the middle of the road replaces one or 7 speeds. 3-speed offers flexible shifting flexibility while not all 7-speed features. 3-speed speed allows less activity when climbing a hill. It also lets you move the bike faster than one speed. The 3-speed has a handbrake that can be more comfortable for people who are not comfortable with the subsurface brake. It also makes the bike stop faster than the underground brake. 3-speed does not move as fast as 7-speed, but climbs better than one speed up the hills.

7. Speed

This 7-speed cruiser provides flexible riding. They have the ability to climb hills and move fast. Because these bikes have multiple gears, they provide you with different terrains and positions while still maintaining the comfort of a beach cruiser. 7 speeds are a bit more complicated than one speed. To keep the bike in good working condition, care must be taken with the rails and gears. In addition, the brakes and brake pads must be maintained and in good working order. If you live in an area with hills or strong winds, higher gears are what you want to reduce resistance. For rapid descent or change of building speed in low gears to increase resistance. Having a handbrake may also be easier for some people who do not have the foot power to brake underground.

When buying a beach cruiser, pay attention to where you live? What would you like the bike to do? How hard do you want to ride? All cruisers have a vertical sitting position and a comfortable seat. But if you live in a windy hill area, choosing a bike with gears is probably a better choice. If you live in a flat area or do not want to speed wherever you want, a single speed may be a better choice. As always, conditions and needs should indicate which coastal cruiser to use.

Source by Diahann Viada