With so much to say about the full suspension and carbon fiber, you think steel steels are dead. Well glad I can tell you they are alive and kicking. With the explosion of 29-inch bicycles, steel hardtail is back. All the features we liked about steel bikes are in Soma Water. Hard but smooth ride. Reasonably light with a fresh feel, Soma Juice is a trailer bike jack that can take on any character you like.

The unique appearance with the high curved tube creates a unique view and creates a crotch gap. Depending on your mood, you can adjust the juice to single speed or gear by stepping out from behind and a hanger. The car has enough tires from the rear to run a 2.3-inch tire with a long muddy distance.

During a season of riding on Soma water, I made it single-speed, geared, and as a road bike with drop bars and lean tires. I spent most of my time in continuous races (8 individual hours) as a speed racer. Handling was typically stable at 29 inches at high speeds. The combination of a short wheelbase and a sturdy fork causes the saddle to rise quickly. On technical grounds, the bottom bracket is made for the occasional pedal kick, but no worse than most bikes

It’s hard to tell the difference between cycling and how it feels, but Soma Water is a fun bike to ride. I finished my best race in the last 5 years with this bike, so this bike has a special place in my heart. Juice has the advantages of a 29-inch wheel with the old feel of a good steel hardtail. The complete bike, built with a sturdy Bontrager carbon fork, Chris King and On One Mary Bar wheels, weighed 23 pounds.

Juice made from two-layer Tange Prestige heat pipes creates a balance between price, ride quality and weight. They could have made it lighter than the Reynolds 853 or True Temper OX Platinum, but it increased the price dramatically. Available Soma as a frame You can make it yourself or get a complete bike from your favorite shop. Soma Water is a kind of bike that spins but still works in a great way. You will not find many of them at a local bike or group race, so you can have something unique without breaking the bank.

Source by Winston Endall