There are three major mountains of financial freedom. Each mountain is different from the others. However, any mountain can be very important for your long-term financial success. Investing in the whole mountain range will both give you a variety of security and expose you to the most enduring opportunities.

From each of these monetary mountains, separate streams of income, 10 exactly, flow. The goal is for several streams of money to flow into your accumulated welfare tank. These are not just regular revenue streams, they have gone beyond the money tree formula. You are looking for income streams that flow into your life 24 hours a day – even when you are asleep.

Mountain Real Estate

This is an extremely important part of your lifetime of material freedom. There are hundreds of books on how to make money on real estate. I should know. I have written three of them. Each of these books is packed with dozens of strategies, techniques and tips. If you want to succeed in real estate investing, keep this in mind …




You need to know how to bargain for real estate, how to secure that property, and then how to FARM them – or profit from any transaction. There are thousands of properties for sale in your city, however you can discard 99% of them depending on which one is the best deal. Then you can worry about the budget needed to get them. Then you decide to keep them for long term profit or flip for short term profit. It may seem simple, but this is the world of real estate investing in a nutshell. Find it. Invest in agriculture.

Mountain Investment

The same is true for investment mountains. There are more than $ 10,000 separate stocks in the stock market and about the same amount of mutual funds. Just like real estate, I use a formula to filter these stocks. This is what you need to know.

Screening and filtering

Scheduling in

Checkout time

Using simple and understandable filters, you can sift through the market sand and discover one or two pieces. With the power of cheap tools, you can know exactly when to buy and when to sell. The results will surprise you.

Mountain Marketing

There are literally tens of thousands of “deals” around. So how do you choose the right business opportunity for you? Again, you use the money tree formula to filter out all the opportunities and then you can limit them even more. You need to find an opportunity that interests you.

I myself have done some screening and found 4 business areas that can generate little income.


Lack of anticipation

network marketing

issuing permit

The main activity behind them all is marketing. That’s why I call it the Mountain of Marketing. Whether you sell an idea, a service or a product, nothing happens without marketing. Even the best books will sink into a dusty garage with no market. Without marketing your website is nothing but a multimedia billboard in the corner of your basement. So learning how to market is very important, because the one who has the best marketing wins. And we all want our businesses to win.

So which mountain do you want to climb? I hope they all .. right? Every mountain needs a set of skills and developing these skills is very important so that you can use them when needed.

Source by Robert G Allen