Gliding in the winter scenery on desert skis is fun and a great exercise. But sooner or later your path takes you down a steep slope, sometimes a steep slope – and then things can get scary.

The best way to handle such landings is to use a technique called the Half snowplow Where your skis are wedge shaped.

To learn it, you need a grooved path that gently slopes down. It is important that the slope goes down to flat ground – so that even if you do nothing to slow down, you will reach a safe stop.

With such a slope, divide the technique into the following six elements. Then check them one by one. Repeat each element several times until you are sure of it.

1 Move straight in the direction

Adopt a position where your knees are slightly bent, your shoulders are relaxed, and your arms are slightly forward.

Maintain this original position and simply descend the slope. Keep your skis in the slopes of the piste.

2 Transfer your weight to your right foot

Start the slope in your original position and then gradually transfer more weight to your right foot. Your right leg, knees, hips and shoulders should be vertically aligned.

Then, while maintaining this new position, climb down the slope.

3 Lift your left ski out of the snow

Once you are satisfied with the proper weight position, it is time to lift your left ski for a short time.

Practice skiing up and down when sliding down the slope. Always keep your weight on your right ski. Repeat this several times and lift your left ski for a longer time each time.

4 Wedge your left ski

While maintaining your right weight, lift your left ski as described. But now place it in the shape of a wedge on the snow and place it to the left of the track grooves. Your right ski is still pointing forward on its way. Your ski tips will be quite close.

Do not worry about the width of the wedge at this stage. As long as your ski tails are further apart than your ski tip, you are progressing.

Now put your left ski in your path.

Go down your slope several times and repeat this procedure: Lift; Replace the wedge on the track

5 Gradually change your weight to the left of the ski

Now, when you wedge your left ski, move some of your body weight on it. Do this gently and progressively. Feel the movement of your upper body from your right weight to the center position and gradually to the left of the weight.

Try several times. As you change your weight, you may feel a wider wedge.

6 Gradually take your left ski to the inner edge.

This last element needs a gentle touch.

Now, when you wedge your left ski, forcefully lower the inside edge into the snow. You do this by pressing down on your left thumb.

You have to stop!

Source by Stuart Montgomery