“If you believe as a grain of mixed seeds, you can say to this mountain: Move! And it moves! And nothing will be impossible for you.”

You can change your life and your future if you discover the power of moving faith and send it to your business or life position.

If you take eight steps from the moving faith of the mountain, you can do what seems impossible at first.

There are many people who claim to live by faith but the achievements remain low. We all know people who claim to use true faith when they do little or nothing. What’s the problem ?

Failure is often the result of very superficial faith.

The moving faith of the mountain is not just the touch of the toes in the water. Moving mountain faith is a faith that dares to step into deep water.

Now look at the eight steps on how to reach a moving mountain faith.

آ. Step 1: Dream.

Faith in the movement of the mountain begins with a dream. “Success is the realization of a worldwide dream!” Undoubtedly the greatest power in the world is the power of a creative idea. All success begins with a dream. You can measure the size of a man or a woman by the size of his dreams or here.

Faith begins with the act of imagination. “If you do not have a dream, how can dreams come true?”

Now start using the power of God within you to draw a picture of what you want to do. Reject all impossible thoughts and all harmful sets. Imagine yourself as a powerful friend, partner of the rich and partner with the Almighty.

Faith begins with a dream, but it must reach deeper levels before success can be achieved.

Step 2: Ask

Belief in deep water wants something so bad that one day, somehow, somewhere, when you know you will have it. Faith is broken more by reluctance than by real doubt.

No man or woman can ever believe that he can move a mountain unless he really wants to move it. Almost anything can be done with someone who really wants to succeed. The old adage is true: if there is a will, there is a way. “We believe in what we want to believe! To believe is to want!”

Use this definition of faith in your dreams. To get started, you need to know what you want. Visualize in detail what you want to achieve. Do not be surprised if you fail with a confused and confusing picture of what you are looking for.

Therefore, the first step in moving faith in the mountains is to form a detailed mental image of your dream.

If you want your dream to be bad enough, plan, organize, reorganize and work to achieve what you want. Great desire brings determination. Faith is asking for something with all your being.

Once you know what you want, you should censor these demands. At this point, the moral questions must be asked: “Is this true? Does God want this? Can I ask God to make my partner in this dream work?” Faith builds muscle when it says “yes” to all these important questions.

C. Step 3: Bold

Doubt is often a lack of courage. Fear of embarrassment combined with fear of participation or fear of self-sacrifice is enough to keep you from committing to a belief in an idea, a dream, a project or a goal. With God by your side, you dare to take risks.

The moving faith of the mountains is not just a dream. It is bold to risk a failure. Because faith is a decision without any guarantee of success. If success is certain, then investing is no longer a matter of faith. Faith is without the danger of contradiction. Faith is to use something before you can be sure that everything is going well.

Remember this: “Every time you make a choice, you take a chance.” “These are the saddest words of the tongue or the pen: it may have been.”

Faith dares to risk despair. If you never try, you will never fail. Faith dares to be a lucky one. Here’s how success works for you. Taking chances causes you to leave. Leaving creates excitement. Enthousiasm produces energy. You have a cycle of success ahead of you.

Step 4: Start

You have a dream, you control your fears based on your thinking, get to work now.

Dreaming, wishing and daring are not enough. Faith moving in the mountains now behaves as if nothing is stopping the dream from succeeding.

Faith must move from the level of imagination to the level of conversation and then to the level of specific organization.

start! Do something! “It’s a half-finished start!”

Step 5: Wait.

Hope is a great power that can lead you to success. Why ? Because when a man or a woman expects victory, he does not delay anything, but gives everything he has to his project.

When you expect success, then you do not throw anything back, but you use your last coin, spend your second wind energy and gamble your worthless reputation, with the assurance that you will achieve it. Such intense sacrifice almost always leads to success. When people know that you have a great idea for everything, they will come to your site and help you succeed.

Step 6: Confirm

Faith is the confirmation of success before it is achieved. Faith is the claim of victory before it is achieved. It’s very difficult to do, but it’s most important.

Climbers are people who boldly predict success. They know they have to convey the image of winning, otherwise they will not achieve the following to achieve their goal.

Affirmation is the desire to build faith. Great affirmations increase the sense of anticipation and create a lot of excitement. Confirm success and you will consider yourself a winner.

Warm Step 7: Wait.

Almost all occupations go through a period when there are many problems. This is the time to remind yourself that the moving faith of the mountain is the faith that maintains the power of the line. Faith is patience. The men or women who really succeed are the men or women who know that every project goes through other stages, while there is nothing to do but wait.

This is especially true when we have experienced a severe failure or failure. Successful people are men and women who refuse to believe in failure. Their infinite patience creates an extraordinary ability to come back.

Where ordinary people leave, the positive thinker goes back, with the confidence that somehow, sometimes a new opportunity is created for him to lift him up and make him successful.

Time has a way of proving that what looks like a retreat is really good luck wearing a fake mask.

Step 8: Admission

We all face a situation where our mountain does not move despite everything.

Then, all we can do is read that profound prayer of faith recited by Jesus Christ:

“My father, everything is possible for you. However, it is not my will, but your wish to be done.”

“Your will be done” is embodied in all human expressions as the supreme expression of faith at the deepest level. The moving faith of the mountain is surrender, giving up and allowing God to dominate.

How can you leave your dreams or problems to God? Only God knows what is good for us and what is bad.

If your mountain does not move, leave it to God. He will either move it or show you how you can turn it into a mine or monument.

Source by Fernando Soave