When most people think of a Ugandan safari, they only consider gorillas, chimpanzees and the Big Five. However, a holiday in Uganda can be much more than that. The country has a rich and varied landscape, some of the continent’s largest landmarks, including Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, Lake Albert and Lake George, the Nile River, the longest in Africa, and of course the majestic Ruwenzori Mountain. Mountains of the Moon, the highest mountain range in Africa. Unlike other major mountains in East Africa, Mount Ravenzury is non-volcanic. It is a rock block that faults from the bottom of the West Rift Valley and is accessible to almost anyone for climbing and can be easily incorporated into the Uganda Safari. Although not as technically challenging as many of the larger mountains, you will need a lot of enthusiasm. Ruwenzori is a world-class hiking and mountaineering destination. A nine- to twelve-day trek will take skilled climbers to Margarita Peak, the highest peak, although shorter, less comprehensive routes to the surrounding peaks are possible.

Kilmbeh route

The Kilembe Trail opened in June 2009 and is one of the best trails in Africa, connecting Kilembe to various peaks in the Ruwenzori Mountains. This trip is a challenge that nature lovers enjoy. Climbers will enjoy spectacular scenery, stunning valleys and a wide variety of plants and trees as opposed to Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, which are independent mountains with relatively short and straight mountaineering. Ravenzory is the highest mountain range in Africa, so there are many ups and downs to climb.

Walking in the mysterious Ruwenzori National Park in Uganda is a truly extraordinary and unique experience, glacier wonders, beauty of nine valleys, bearded lichens hanging from giant headers with a backdrop of rocky cliffs, cliffs Snow-capped peaks and peaks with a wide variety of plants and animals with several biospheres create the ultimate hiking experience as you climb different vegetation areas. This unique and beautiful Kilembe trail is available, completely untouched and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hikes in the world.

The Ravansuri Mountains offer a variety of mountaineering and mountaineering options from one to twelve days to suit your adventure style and schedule. Ruwenzori is a real mountain range with many climbs and descents that makes it a difficult climb, but the scenery and beautiful vegetation is incredible. Heavy rainfall of more than two and a half millimeters a year, moss-covered cliffs, dense vegetation, high peaks and cliffs rising above moss-covered valleys and meandering streams make Alice in Wonderland Create that changes through several biospheres. You climb and turn the “Rwenzori Mountains” into a truly unique experience.

Ten days to the top of Margarita at 5, 109 meters will take you to Stanley Mountain in the Ravenzory Mountains, but the real beauty is climbing Kilembe, forests and valleys, a variety of plants from giant heather trees and fern valleys. Climbing Mount Margarita is now technical due to the growing number of crevices. However, climbing the real peak is more of a struggle than climbing, and it is difficult when it snows, but the rewards and pleasures of reaching the peak are enormous, from Albert Peak to Congo and then east across the range. You look different. Ruwenzori Mountains

A nine-day trip to the highest point of the Stanley Glacier (Plateau) takes you to the highest peak just below Alexandra Peak to see the magnificent view of Magritta Peak, which looks across the Magritta Glacier. An amazing view that anyone with good fitness can safely reach and experience all the wonders of this magnificent mountain range. This climb is higher but easier than Baker Mountain.

The eight-day Trek Mt Baker at 4,842 meters is an extraordinary climb, mostly of hard rock and mostly non-technical, but for safety reasons you will use ropes and restraints. On a clear day you can see the stunning views of the peaks of Margherita and Alexandra and the panoramic views of the Ronzori mountain range. This trip to the top of Baker Mountain is relatively easy for anyone who is fit and tall. Really amazing experience!

The six-day climb to Wiseman Peak at 4,620 meters is the most popular. It involves strenuous, steep walking, but nothing is really difficult enough to require a rope, non-technical. In April, May and September, October, the experience of snowfall at the peak is common, which turns the landscape into an incredibly beautiful environment with snow-covered plants, which creates a feeling of intense joy and excitement because the scenery is absolutely stunning. . You can climb Bamwanjara pass instead of Vizman because it is easier to climb and at a height of 4450 meters it gives you great views of the main peaks.

One- to five-day trips will take you through the old mountain forests, bamboo forests and climbing to an altitude of 3,000 meters, the towering cliffs at the top of the valley, the giant headers covered with rooted moss hanging from the trees and the giant loblia which is very attractive. A plant that dates back to prehistoric times.

Source by Emily Lanyero